Princess Evangile – Guide

Common Route Help her / Ignore her and leave Speak / Don’t speak Undress / Don’t undress Side note, In H scenes choices do not matter and will not affect the outcome of the story Sagisawa Chiho   I’m thinking about Chiho Chiho, maybe? I want to kiss Chiho Chiho Go to see Chiho Rousenin…

Kara no Shoujo – Review [NSFW]

Please do note the top part of this review is a spoiler free. But at the bottom there is a spoiler image. Kara no Shoujo [殻ノ少女] developed by Innocent Grey and published by MangaGamer in English. Kara no Shoujo is definitely one of the most interesting visual novel I have read in a while. The…

Grisaia no Kajitsu – Review

The start of the series, Grisaia no Kajitsu. In Kajitsu the story begins with the protagonist Kazumi Yuuji transferring into a certain school and meeting 5 other girls who attends it. There are only 6 students the school.
It gives off a very unique feel, unlike all other school-related VNs.