G senjou no maou – Review [NSFW]

G-senjou no Maou [G線上の魔王] is a mystery-thriller visual novel is developed by AKABEiSoft2 and published by Sekai Project and was released on November 5, 2015 on the Steam platform.


Harmonia – Review

From renowned visual novel studio Key, which brought you the highly rated visual novel “planetarian~the reverie of a little planet~”, comes “Harmonia”, the latest kinetic novel in the series. This review will be a short one, and some spoilers can’t be avoided unfortunately. But there will be a warning before the spoiler. [I was provided…

My Little Kitties – Review

Developed by NovelEngine and published by Sekai Project onto steam. My Little Kitties is a short visual novel that is a heart-warming comedy of living with adorable kittens! You get to become a father of 2 kittens! Kittens that take the form of a human which are just adorable! It will last you around 3 hour of…