A sum up for FGO stream for EOR 3

A sum up for FGO stream about EOR 3.

Nekopara Vol.3 – Review [NSFW]

Denpasoft and NEKO WORKs are proud to present NEKOPARA Vol. 3, the whimsically sexy continuation of NEKO WORKs’ tremendously successful NEKOPARA series, featuring the purrfect and adorable catgirl sisters at “La Soleil”.

And I am back!! [Somewhat]

Hello, finally I can do something like this with a clear mind! This is more or less a follow up on my situation from a post I made 1 month ago where I explained why my activity seemed to be extremely low.

Some explanations

Hello, this is my first time writing in this style and I do apologize that the very first post will be somewhat depressing? It will be covering some future plans and explaining about why I went “silent” for some time. So what’s this that I am doing? Well if you are still reading then thank…