Hi! I’m ティアラ it is read as Tiara in English, I am the sole writer of this blog and the owner of a visual novel group on steam.

I review Eroge, visual novels, platformer and bullet hell games. Basically anything if I feel like it. I will be leaving out translation errors if they are very minor unless it is very obvious and major.

Blog name – AzusanTiara    To be honest when I was thinking for a name I ran out of ideas hence this weird blog name that is a combination of my name [Tiara] and something random which is [azusan]

About link / リンクについて

This whole blog is link free [You do not need to ask for permission to link it to any place]

このサイトはリンクフリーです。 リンクを張っていただく際のご連絡などは特に必要ありません。

About me

I am an extremely huge fan of Innocent Grey games and the Danganronpa series. I absolutely love FATE and Type-Moon games, the current FATE game which I have been playing for quite some time is Fate/GrandOrder a mobile game I am using an IOS device to play it. Talking about mobile, yes I do play alot of mobile games too like Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage or BangDream etc. There is too many to list down so I just listed down the ones that I play almost everyday.

Here is a list of questions that people ask me often.

1 .What is your favorite anime?

Honestly this is a question I absolutely hate to answer because it is kind of hard to list a specific favorite. But well.. here are some of my favorites.

2. What is your favorite movie?

3 . Why do you have such bad taste?

  • ._.

4 . What is your first eroge/VN you played?

  • I am really sorry I wish I knew the answer but I have forgotten.

5 . Flat is justice or Plot?

  • Flat is justice

6 . What is your gender?

  • Male

7 . What hobbies do you have aside from games?

  • Listening to music and reading. If listening to music can be counted as a hobby.

8 . Do you have any anime list or some list that shows what you watched/ read?

  •  No

9 . Do you collect figures?

  • Yes, why not? You can own your wife physically now.

10. How long have you been playing those mobile games you mentioned above?

What have I been doing with my life. ._.

11. Which is your favorite character?

  • Gray from FATE

12. Do you have Facebook?

  • No, I deleted my Facebook account years ago.

13 . What is your favorite manga?

Hmmm another hard question to answer, sadly no favorites though I do have my favorite authors. I will list and update it as time pass by [Too lazy to list all of them at the moment]

14 . Which character do you love the most?


Suzukaze Aoba, she is just so charming.

Will be updated more as I receive more questions that are asked constantly

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