A sum up for FGO stream for EOR 3

A sum up for FGO stream

  • 12 SQ for a tweet RT campaign of reaching the goal of 70K RTs
  • 6 gold apples for the guessing game they did in the stream
  • a recap of EOR that is currently in game


A new 3* lancer is announced [ Not cute <- feels bad man ]


a new 4* assassin is announced ST np [ Very cute is it a shota or a loli? ]


a new 4* archer is announced [ Very cute ]

  • New CM for EOR
  • EOR new chapter will be releasing 14/10/17 22:00 JST later on which is very soon
  • talked about fgo project grand order VR
  • talked about FGO arcade [ dont care if u not living in JP :3 ]
  • new merchandise showcase like mashu shield cushion etc
  • FSN heavens feel trailer


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