And I am back!! [Somewhat]

Hello, finally I can do something like this with a clear mind! This is more or less a follow up on my situation from a post I made 1 month ago where I explained why my activity seemed to be extremely low. Oh and this will be a very short post I just wanted to do a quick update to well update on my situation I guess?  So as far as things are, right now it looks like after settling down and setting things straight in my life it looks like I can get things back on track again! What this means is that I finally can start doing what I love without anything holding me back like my job. (Note – I did not quit my job) I still have my job but now it does not require 24 hours 5 days a week commitment! 😀 Finally, it was a fucked up job though.. But I am glad I made it through. (Like seriously) *Sweats nervously*

So what is going to happen now?

First off my steam group, things will remain the same like what I mentioned a month ago I decided that I will stop updating the group personally because if I try to fit that into own time I can’t get things done on my side. X.X But not to worry the people currently that are updating the group are doing a good job in fact better than me. 🙂

Secondly, reviews of course I will be starting my reviews once again. So what to expect? I have 2 that are currently in draft which is Nekopara vol.3 and Neko Navy . And oh yes Nekopara vol.3 review will be the NSFW version.

Though do note my writing style may have changed because Its been a long time since I used write or used English.. ._.

With that said I will end it here. Of course enjoy those very very cute cats 😉 I wonder whats with my nekos review line up. XD


This is too cute for my heart

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