Some explanations


Hello, this is my first time writing in this style and I do apologize that the very first post will be somewhat depressing? It will be covering some future plans and explaining about why I went “silent” for some time.

So what’s this that I am doing? Well if you are still reading then thank you for following/ reading my reviews and now this. This is actually something that I planned a few months back that I wanted to start on this blog and all of future posts will be found in the “Extra +” tab. Basically every week I will do a write up on what I am doing or put some kind of summary but then I kept delaying because I was lazy and now I regretted because reality caught up to me in an instant.

Please note I will swear alot because it was a decision I had to make and not a decision that I made willingly.

Okay that aside now onto the reason why I went silent. First off I will lay some basic stuff. My age is 18 and have a IRL job a few months back where I went “silent”, a job that requires a fuck ton of commitment. I am required to be away from my PC for 24 hours 5 days a week.. Basically Monday to Friday. [ Estimated ] So what am I doing on the weekends?!?!? You have the weekends to do reviews and stuff ???? Well resting, my job requires quite alot of mental power from me, so usually on the weekends I will be knocked out on my bed or spending time with my family.

So why did I made this decision? It’s very simple, money I needed it. It was for my own dream but it requires money to even start that dream in the first place. It was a decision that I regret but I can’t regret because I have to do what’s NEEDED for myself of course. I did not want to stop what I am doing, I really wanted to continue what I am doing but I believe doing what is NEEDED is more important than doing what I WANT. So yeah I had to sacrifice many things for money to get started on my dream. What my dream is? I won’t share it for now because I think it’s pointless to share it until I achieved it. 😀

So what’s gonna happen to things related to me? ( Note this was supposed to be up a few months back RIP )

  • For my visual novel steam group if you have realized I have gotten some people to help run the group and post news of new stuff and from what I have seen do far they have been doing a good job.
  • As for visualnoveller I have stopped helping that site for now.
  • Finally for my reviews, all of it will be put to a stop for a while. As off now I am trying to get a flexible work timing so yeah, in the event if its possible I will be back for sure with my reviews and stuff. I just need to sort some things out properly and I will be back 😀

Other than that thanks for sticking with me throughout and no I am not stopping what I am doing. It will be more of a temporary stoppage unless I screw up somewhere in the future. I hope I won’t. X.X


One thought on “Some explanations

  1. Life can be rough but for the greater good some sacrifices must be made. Take care of yourself, do your best as we’ll all eagerly await your return to the world of VN coverage and stuff like that.

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