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ChronoClock - Main Visual

Chrono Clock is a visual novel from Purple Software about time-bending and thrilling adventures with a lighter emphasis on the plot. So if you are looking for something serious, you have definitely come to the wrong place. Chrono Clock has 6 endings in total with an enforced playing order which are all good that are determined by your choices you make in game. [No bad endings] Developed by Purple Software and published in English by Sekai Project on steam. [All ages version]

[I was provided a review copy of this game and it will never affect the outcome of this review]

Brief overview of the story

Next in line to manage a multi-million dollar corporation is our protagonist, Rei Sawatari.He inherited one very important heirloom from his late grandfather: a single pocket watch that grants him a mysterious power—

‘The power to go five minutes back in time.’

It’s an ability he can use as many times as he wants. Convenient as that might sound, with five measly minutes, it’s not exactly easy to make the most of it.
There’s no telling what he could accomplish if he manages to make good use of his newfound potential. Should he be so inclined to, he could even save the world…
But what’s the point in doing something so cliché and grandiose?

Meet our protagonist once more… a boy who wields his time-traveling powers to indulge in fun adventures and talk to cute girls.

Warning: Slight spoilers


Thoughts On The Story

Note – In the rom com story sense Miu’s route is the final route but If I look at it from a more serious perspective I consider Cro’s route to be the final true route. Why? Because Miu’s route was just too short and underwhelming to be considered the final true route it feels more of like a fandics to me.

Chrono Clock is definitely 1 of the weaker titles from Purple Software. The story has its ups and downs in the story with its rom-com, especially with the all of the routes being so spread wide open in a sense that certain characters routes felt extremely pointless and contributed nothing to the Cro’s route, the only contribution they had was being a rom-com story [Fillers] which is what the game is, but then there are other routes like Michiru or Makoto where their routes contributed a whole lot to Cro’s route. For example D.D’s route was pretty much what you will expect from a rom-com the protagonist gets some problems and then he gets together with the heroine. THE END. But as for Michiru’s route the story takes a much more serious approach you get to see way much more and Michiru’s route can be considered the biggest built up to the Cro’s route.

I was honestly annoyed by Miu’s route being the final route because her route being the final route which means I had to complete all the other heroines routes before I get to Miu’s route. So why was I annoyed? Well usually [Usually] games that have enforced playing order will have the final route considered the true route or in other words the true ending and it being the final ending it should be the final conclusion to everything so it should be a bang right? But no..  The true ending for Chrono Clock is just.. super underwhelming because all it had to offer was having our protagonist fulfilling his goal which is getting a girlfriend and that is it. Wow.. I can’t believe I went through 5 routes just for 1 super short and underwhelming route. I really wished that Cro’s route was the final route. With all of that said here are my favorite routes in order.

  1. Cro
  2. Sawatari Michiru
  3. Jounouchi Makoto
  4. Dorothy Davenport [D.D]
  5. Andou Misaki
  6. Suzuki Miu

Honestly I had a hard time deciding in between Sawatari and Cro route’s being my most liked route because both of them were enjoyable in their own way. In Sawatari route there is an extra character that is introduced into the story which I did not expect at all, and it made her route a whole lot more interesting with quite an interesting ending. But I had to choose Cro’s route over Sawatari because her route just felt more complete and.. Cro is just super cute, SHE HAS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST!! On a more serious note her route felt more complete because you get to see Cro in her true form and the story takes a slightly deeper approach letting the reader get more intrested in Cro herself and obviously the power of time travel that the protaganist possess.


Removed Sexual Content

To make it simple, it does not add to the story in any way at all so skipping the adult version is fine. The sexual content of the game is not part of the story at all instead they are unlocked as an “extra” after completing the whole game, basically a bonus. But at the end of the day if you do want to see the cast of heroines or Sawatari or Cro getting fucked then of course go ahead. It’s good stuff 😉 I mean look at Cro’s pure and innocent smile doesn’t it triggers you in that way? 🙂


Audio and Visual Elements

The soundtrack was a little on the disappointing side though it managed to be catchy but  they are extremely forgettable. As for visual aspects…. Well.. I will let you be the judge for this one. Just kidding! The visual aspects are what you will expect from Purple Software with their character designs but other than that it is your typical moe art. Nothing wrong with that who hates moe anyways? Moe is justice remember.


To sum up 7/10

I would recommend Chrono Clock is you are not looking something with a serious plot, the time travel aspects of this game will be interesting enough to keep you entertained throughout and Cro.

P.S Cro’s feet are EX ranking

Purchase the game on steam!

5 thoughts on “Chrono Clock – Review

  1. I’d like to get your perspective on what you thought of the climax (ending) of Cro’s route. I found it incredibly confusing, with lots of fundamental questions left unanswered. For that reason, Cro’s route was not #1 for me, even though it was very emotional.

    Maybe you have some explanations for the shit that happened, and in that case I’d love to hear from you about it…


    • Oh yes her ending was indeed confusing, I placed her route on #1 because I understood her route to some degree though like you said, it is from my own perspective so I may be wrong because her route felt a little more open in a way it lets the reader think what they want. But I really wished the story explained it on its own rather than leaving it up to the reader to figure thing out.

      To start things off I will lay down some of the basics first. Please note I have some extra examples to explain some things. And I will try my best to explain things.

      1. At the start of Cro’s route the protagonist that died is indeed dead [On the monorail] but only for that timeline so lets call it timeline 1. Note – Timeline 1 will only happen if he decides to date her
      2. There are multiple timelines each with different cast. Lets just say clones to make things simpler.

      3. The protagonist has knowledge of them on Cro’s route. He knows about timeline 1 and the other timelines where he dated all the other heroines except for Miu.
        This is proven near the end where “Memnto Mori” aka Remember death he knows about timeline 1. Miu is not in his memories because Miu’s route only happened after everything. More of it an be proven where he stated “And about last time, by the way. I had no idea how to speak to a goddess back then”. Provably referring to the other timelines where he got tongue tied in front of Chronos and got killed
        [There may be more timelines 1 since it is an infinite loop so timeline 1 may have repeated for X times]

      4. Cro got stripped off her god status because she saved the protagonist on the monorail when he gets killed by Chronos. Evey time when that happens Cro [Human] will need to be “brought” back to Chronos and when that happens Cro will use the main body Chronos to reverse time for the protagonist.

      5. Cro will only get stripped off her god status if the protagonist decided to date Cro.

      6. Why is it that only when the protagonist decided to date her her powers will get stripped but not on the other routes? It is because like Chronos said there is too much unneeded emotions in Cro something like a defect and only on that route Cro will defy Chronos by saving him hence the punishment of her god status.

      7. There are multiple Cro’s but only 1 Chronos. Cro is the one who posses the watch that is a small part of Chronos. Chronos basically “cut” a small part of herself and then placed 1 of those small parts into every different timeline, because she wanted to learn more things like love etc etc. [Stated in game]

      8. Cro [Human] and Cronos [God] are actually the same person but have their mind of their own basically their own will.

      9. Next the protagonist on Cro’s route [The route where we read] The protagonist near the end decided to take the monorail because he wanted to confront Chronos directly breaking from the infinite loop of timeline 1

      10. Near the ending she told the protagonist to get off the monorail and go to the sea to throw the watch away [This is because Cro wanted to change his fate of dying in the hands of Chronos] But instead he stayed because he had [look at point 9] that in mind.

        ———————– This is where things get confusing ——————————————
        —————– There may be some bullshit some are speculation ————————

      11. Chronos is indeed Cro. What this means she was putting up an act all the time to test him? [Look at point 7] But then at the end of the day no matter how much free will they when Cro has to return to the main body their mind and body becomes 1 so no matter what. Chronos = Cro

      12. At the end of Cro’s route the protagonist convinced Chronos that he will stay be her side forever in that time stopped realm. Basically like a marriage proposal where they swear to die together etc. [Sorry I am not sure about marriage procedures]

      13. It is called repeat route in the menu simply because that timeline that we are reading aka Cro’s route has already happened X times [Timeline 1] just that this time when we are reading it the protagonist decides to take action. [Look at point 9]

      14. Why did she disappear? I have no idea sadly.. ——– My speculation is that after that “marriage proposal” she decided to cut off her powers [To break him out of the the infinite loop] hence she disappeared. Do note that if Chronos = Cro the human is Cro all this time is just a god but in disguise. But they are at different bodies . [Proven on Miu’s route where the protagonist talked to Cro about that timeline where he and Cro got together]

      15. How did Cro come back after she disappeared? Sorry I have no idea it is provably a forced happy ending. XD —— My speculation is that after she disappeared she used her extreme last remaining of her powers to manifest her human physical body like being reborn but as a human and with no god powers.

      I hope this clears up some question you had on your mind, of course if you still have anymore questions feel free to as as I may have missed out some important points.


      • These were some very valid and well placed thoughts. Adding to your last part, I want to continue that part. I do think that she did make a new body for herself with no powers because at the end the watch had no power and when the MC reunites with Cro at the end, it never stated that the watch began to tick again so she may have come back as a human with no powers and thereby no power in the watch anymore

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  2. So the 18+ version is only H scenes? I’m curious if its adds more to the story of their growing romance or if its just the H scenes. After completing one of the routes so far i want to see their relationship grow but if its just the H scenes I don’t need to get the adult version after getting the steam version


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