Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! – Review

Fruitbat Factory is happy to reveal an early Christmas present to all fans of cute’em’ups around the world! Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!, the latest shooter by Orange Juice is available on Steam as of today! Note that the game is extremely short so I can’t really say much here and Christmas is nearing soon so happy Christmas to the person that is reading this. ^_^

[I was provided a review copy of this game and it will never affect the outcome of this review]

Introduction/ Story

Everyone’s Christmas presents have been stolen, and it’s up to your favorite bunny-eared Santa, Aru, to get them back.
Synopsis On Christmas, the night of miracles, someone has stolen all the presents that were supposed to go to the children around the world.
In order to get them back, Aru, the bunny-eared Santa, has taken off into the sky, following a subtle trace of the presents.
Help Aru save Christmas in this humoristic, action-packed shooter set in the universe of QP Shooting – Dangerous!!


Gameplay Elements

It is very similar to QP Shooting – Dangerous!! In terms of gameplay you basically have a Christmas version of QP Shooting – Dangerous!! but just more “Christmasey”. You have your formations and customization enabling you using different playstyle that may help you get through the waves of enemies or otherwise screw you up because some of them are plain useless. But the nice thing is that the formations can always be changed before a game starts which lets the player explore which suits their own playstyle best. Another thing I would like to add is that on higher difficulties there will be extra mini bosses added into the mix of enemies which is a nice touch as it makes the game way more challenging compared to the easier levels. Oh and as a special bonus, all owners of Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! will immediately receive a free bonus character, Aru (Scramble), in the digital board game 100% Orange Juice. The new character has been added to 100% Orange Juice alongside version 1.16 ~Santa’s Job~, which also adds a new map, a new panel type and a new event.


Game Features:

  • Remastered high resolution graphics
  • 4 Difficulty levels something for every player, from merely challenging to tear-jerking. [ I can testify for this it’s really hard ]
  • 28 Formations to Unlock – earn points to unlock new attack formations for Aru. You can load up to 3 different ReBit formations onto the field, and switch them on the fly.
  • Arcade and Conquest Mode Conquest Mode saves your progress and allows you to progress a stage at a time, striving to do ever better.
  • Full controller support
  • Steam achievements
  • leaderboards
  • Cloud support
  • Steam Trading Cards.

To sum up

I would recommend this game to bullet hell fans and for people who do love the orange juice characters. It is a fun and cheap game to pick up to get yourself a nice gift for Christmas. 🙂

But this game from the FruitbatFactory store!

Or pick it up on steam

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