Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars – Review


Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is the second game in the franchise developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Spike Chunsoft on steam, Conception II is a sequel to the 2012 PSP title, “Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Undekure!” (コンセプション 俺の子供を産んでくれ!)

[I was provided a review copy of this game but it will never affect the outcome of this review]

A brief overview of the Story

[Main story] The magical world of Aterra has been under attack by monsters for decades.

The only ones who can stand against these monsters are “Disciples,” young men and women gifted with divine powers of purification, and otherworldly Star Children created via the bonds between male and female disciples.

As a new disciple, it falls to you to create Star Children with seven of the most powerful girls in the world and save Aterra.

[Heroine routes] [Spoiler free] Overall the all of the heroine routes felt a little weak, If I were to choose my favorite route it will be Fuuko because her route was the most consistent among all and loose ends were cleared up. As for the other heroines their endings felt rushed and it’s just not interesting.


Conception II is an RPG, with semi-tactical turn-based battles before attacking you can choose which direction you would want to attack from, usually you will be choosing to attack from the weak direction of the monster or in another case choosing a direction where you could avoid the monster attacks completely. The combat system is definitely better than many turn based RPG games because most of them is just pure turn based where you just choose an attack and that’s it which is boring.

Coneption II combat system kept the combat interesting but only for a short while. The combat never evolves after some time it starts to feel stale because you will be doing the same thing of choosing which direction you would want to attack from or use skills and that is it. Maybe occasionally you would combine 3 star child to become a mech to help you but it is a very rare case you will be needing to do that. Because the monsters itself are not that challenging, the only real problem I faced is the final boss because occasionally they will focus attack my character and kill him thus causing a game over for me.

There is a Monokuma fight that was very underwhelming I thought I was going to be destroyed by Monokuma but its the opposite instead. Provably because Danganronpa has painted that strong Monokuma figure into my head hence I expected more from the fight but I think I have set my expectations to high for this. Upupupu. In regards to SpikeChunsoft tweet I would choose to kill Monokuma and date her, why choose when you can do both? 😀 Torri is really cute though provably because she looks like Monokuma.

Onto the dungeon crawling, to sum up in a few words it is “repetitive and boring”. Why was it repetitive and boring? Pretty simple every single level that you go into it is always the same thing with just a reskin and as you progress through the story the amount of dungeons levels starts to get really annoying. For the final stage there is around 20 plus levels which means, I have to run through the same maze 20 plus times. Which well.. is pretty boring to do. Though I heard that many people said that this game is “grindy” but in my experience I did not grind for levels or items at all, I just played normally and managed to complete the whole game at level 45.


There is also a feature where you can give heroines gifts and they can wear it later on, like dress up. It a nice feature where you can get them to wear what you want for example, cat ears, angle wings and such. I hate to say this but I spent around 2 hours dressing chole up. I think its pretty obvious at this point that I like chole the most among all the heroines. Hahaha

The main gimmick of this game is “Classmating” or making kids with the heroines of your choice if I were to put it simple terms. It is a process used to create Star Children with the heroines to accompany the main character and one heroine into the Labyrinth dungeons to fight with you. To create stronger Star Children, it is important to build a strong relationship with the heroines through interaction events. Though they do not technically get stronger but what they get is a higher level cap hence letting you level them up more and in turn getting stronger children. This was what kept me playing Conception II the idea of classmating is interesting to me as every time you “classmate” you will be hoping for that star children that has a level 99 cap. Which I gotten 3 from the start. I think they are gained on pure luck because I have created more than hundreds of children and only managed to get 3 of them. [Do note that when making kids they just do it by holding hands and thinking of each other deeply. Not your traditional way of making kids hehehe]


Key Features

  • A world-spanning story filled with charming characters
    Form unbreakable bonds with the seven different girls and interact with other disciples of the academy in order to build strength to rid the world of dusk.
  • Challenge the labyrinths with the girls of the academy
    The dusk circles are packed with enemies and traps that await you. Fight alongside the heroines and your Star Children to purify these places of the monsters!
  • Strengthen your bonds and create mightier star children
    Improving your relationships with the female disciples will allow you to create stronger star children. Use your time at the academy to build strong friendships with them and form powerful bonds of trust. The stronger your bonds are, the more powerful the girls will become in battle as well!
  • Create teams with up to 30 different star children classes
    There are a wide variety of classes for your star children to be. Each class has different skills to train in and attacks to use. Having many different types of classes at your disposal will let you create all sorts of different strategies!
  • Touch events
    You get to touch the heroines but these events rarely occurs! Need I say more for this?
  • All the Vita DLC is included

Port for PC

To be honest I do not have much to say here but for the controls I used an Xbox controller and keyboard and mouse switching in between them occasionally, both of them are alright there were no clunky controls at all. On to the performance, Conception II runs at a smooth 60 FPS for me which is smooth. Though if you do have performance issues you could always lower MSAA in the setting launcher. Only if you need to.


Wow Chole looks really nice here 🙂

To sum up

Conception II generally is not a bad game or a good game. It feels average the gameplay managed to keep me interested for the front part of the game but after some time it gets stale and repetitive. The story is not a serious one but it is good enough to get by if you are just looking to chill with an RPG game while at the same time get to date heroines. Though do not expect much from the endings.

Overall for the conclusion, I do recommend Conception II but to a certain extent because if you are a person who gets bored easily conception II is not the game for you. Though on the other hand if you do like dungeon crawling and making kids conception II is definitely for you!

Steam store page

Conception II official website

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