Grisaia no Meikyuu – Review

Labyrinth Keyart

Grisaia no Meikyuu or known as The Labyrinth of Grisaia in Englsih is developed by Frontwing and published onto steam in English by Sekai Project. Do note this is the sequel to The Fruit of Grisaia. It is strongly recommended to play the first game before starting this for obvious reasons… And the score on this will be exactly same as the score for Grisaia no Kajitsu.


Brief overview of the story

In every second of every minute of the life the young man had lived, the same thought recurred in his mind.
Looking back on his past, the girls he’d met in this peaceful life made him feel guilty, and his heart was tormented with that guilt.

Since the young man started meddling in young women’s affairs, their gray orchard began to recover its former brilliance.
“It is impossible to capture eternity. But surely, I can at least spend the rest of my life with your hand in mine, never letting go.”

That was the one decision one young man kept in his heart…


Thoughts On The Story

I am very sure after completing the first game filled with obvious hints you would want to know what is Yūji Kazami past. Like what happened to him in the past? Where did he get all those skills and such that not many normal people have? What made him the Yūji Kazami we know and love? Well if you do have those questions in your mind this game will answer most of them by letting you read through the past of Yūji Kazami, which details Kazami’s life story leading up to him attending Mihama Academy. It was something that I wanted to get some more detail on, and this game definitely delivered.

It is incredibly detailed and you get to witness the events unfold beautifully which leads up to the first game of how he became a part of the “company” and how his life with his “master” Asako was how he met principal Tachibana, details about certain actions Yuuji has mentioned in the past, and even reveals some new information.

The story is a delicate mix of comedic slice-of-life, intense action and dramatic tragedies. The real tragedy here is the brutal cliffhanger ending which hints at Grisaia no Rakuen.

20160630181511_1The afterstories provide a nice throwback to The Fruit of Grisaia with slice-of-life stories. They allow us to revisit the cast and get to “know them again” their quirky personalities. While also filling us up with more details of heroines specific routes. The afterstories last around 2 and a half hours [based on my reading speed], which is the perfect length so that the whole game can be emphasized more on Yuuji past rather than the 5 heroines that he met.

Last but not least, we have the short stories of different length and comedic value, showing us some extra tidbits about various characters and their personalities like Michiru tsundere side and many more.


Audio and Visual Elements

I don’t really have much to say here to be honest, what you expect is what you get. The art style used in Grisaia no Meikyuu is the same as Grisaia no Kajitsu. Eye pleasing art and vivid colors being used to bring life to the game.

Cut / Replaced R-18 Content

Okay let’s get this straight this is a very sensitive topic which I am going to touch on and as off 7/21/2016 an R-18 version is not available for the English yet. In the event where an R-18 version is available everything here holds no value.

So lets start off by getting this out of my mind and I would say this first. The “main” route of this game [The Cocoon of Caprice] about yuuji past without the R-18 scene feels really odd… How odd it is? Very… Of course the R-18 scene is not a must and it obviously does not impact the story heavily at all, but it just does not feel “right” with me. As a person who have read the JP version of this [aka the version with R-18 content] I would say I am on the fence about this topic. A part of me is saying the R-18 content is not important and another part of me is saying this game is not in its prime with R-18 scene being replaced away as the R-18 scenes do hold some form of value.

Let’s take for example, by now I think you all would know that Yuuji handles woman very well and that is provably due to his sister, Kazuki and his master, Kusakabe Asako. It is no secret that incest was present at a very young age of Yuuji hence giving him some form of experience and of course his master Asako had a part to play too.

So with that said with the R-18 content being replaced / cut from the visual novel. This visual novel is not in its prime.

To sum up 9.8/10

To sum up. I would definitely recommend this great title from Frontwing, Grisaia no Meikyuu isn’t a game to be missed, especially if you want to know the cast of the Grisaia series more in depth and Yuuji’s past. Though I highly suggest you to wait for an R-18 version to be available first for English.

Steam store page

Denpasoft R-18 version  [ Available as of now ]

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