My Little Kitties – Review


Developed by NovelEngine and published by Sekai Project onto steam. My Little Kitties is a short visual novel that is a heart-warming comedy of living with adorable kittens! You get to become a father of 2 kittens! Kittens that take the form of a human which are just adorable! It will last you around 3 hour of reading if you were to go for full completion of the game. [based on my reading speed]

The Story 5.8/10

Would you care to watch over the boy’s daily life with his new heartwarming family?

Bakeneko -Cats who shapeshift utilizing spiritual energy, due to being soul-bound to our world. The ghost of cats. (From World Research Company’s, “The Complete Works of Orient Ghosts”)

But, are bakenekos that scary…?
Losing his parents to a traffic accident, a boy lived his daily life in solitude until he began to take care of the stray kitten “Nuri”!
However, this kitten possessed strange powers similar to that of the bakeneko.
If that weren’t enough, he met “Yura,” who manages the existence of souls, and “Sora” from out of the blue. With a strange twist of fate, the boy will begin raising two children…
And from that day, the boy will start his hectic child raising life.

While the story may be light and fluffy with slice of life aspects. What I do not get is, Yura bad endings like how is getting locked up in a room with her and losing your virginity is a bad ending? Even the good ending feels a little vague, slight spoiler warning first, in Yura good ending Sora which ran away from home

Audio and Visual Elements 6/10

Visual Elements – For the visual aspects I think it is generally well done and the art style is unique well for me at the very least, since I am used to moege art style. As for the backgrounds they blended in with the whole visual novel. There is not much I could really say for the visual aspects of this game.

Audio elements – There is nothing really noteworthy for to talk about here other than the fact that the CV of Sora and Yura. Sora is voiced by Sakura Ayane and Yura is voiced by Maaya Uchida. So what so special about it? Well as a person who loves idols and seiyuu related stuffs, these are kind of important to me. Sakura Ayane has voiced characters like Cocoa Hato in Is the Order a Rabbit? and Nao Tomori in Charlotte while Maaya Uchida has voiced characters like Ranko Kanzaki from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls and Sharo Kirima from Is the Order a Rabbit? just to name a few. Well having these 2 is a plus for me for sure.



Mini game

Since this is a visual novel from mobile obviously the mini games meant for touchscreens. So this mini game in particular called “airplane ride” is really hassle to reach the goal. Because if I were to use the touch screen it would be easier but this is on PC and I need to click left and right button and the center button non stop. It may sound easy but it is really hard because clicking is not enough to out fill the power meter which drains like water. But the I don’t think the mini game has any form of impact on the story since what ever results I get nothing changed all it has as rewards provably is unlocking extra “tips”.

My Little Kitties - Keyart

To sum up 5.9/10

Would I recommend  My Little Kitties? I would say yes if you want a short heartwarming story that is cute and fluffy that has kittens though do note that some of the bad endings makes totally no sense at all and it feels extremely forced. Like I said at the top how is getting locked up in a room with Yura and losing your virginity is a bad ending? I really cannot grasp the logic behind this. Well just the bad endings only for most of the part of course you can choose to avoid them but then that would not be a full completion of the game. With that said I end my review here.

Lastly I would like to thank Sekai Project for providing me a review copy for  My Little Kitties

My Little Kitties steam store page

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