The Leisure of Grisaia – Review


The Leisure of Grisaia developed by Frontwing and published onto steam by Frontwing, is a game that was previously included as a bonus exclusive with the first edition of volume 3 of the Blu-ray and DVD release of the anime, “The Eden of Grisaia”. For the first time, “The Leisure of Grisaia” has been translated into English as a standalone title. International fans will be able to enjoy exclusively drawn CGs previously only available to those who purchased physical copies of the anime in Japan.

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This is a side story to The Fruit of Grisaia a character-driven visual novel featuring some of the same characters. This time, it’s Michiru who takes the lead role in this slapstick comedy. She tries to decide on a new club activity with the help of Sachi and her other friends, but it’s harder than it sounds.. Of course being Michiru as she ends up in situations where sexual jokes fits into the situation nicely. It is Sachi and Michiru we are talking about here so its no surprise that she will end up doing weird things when these 2 get together.


To sum up

Would I recommend The Leisure of Grisaia? As a huge fan of the Grisaia series it would go against my nature to not recommend The Leisure of Grisaia. Its short and it is cheap based on Steam DB it is only at $2.99 USD though do note that this particular visual novel may not last you any longer than 2 hours. But for the price it is extremely worth it for sure. Of course giving this a miss will not affect the main story line at all.

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