War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations – Review

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War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations is the third game of the ‘War of the Human Tanks’ series. Developed by Yakiniku Banzai! and published onto steam in English by FruitBat Factory. This is a strategy game where you control Human Tanks – human-shaped tanks – and fight against other Human Tanks on the side of the hostile country.


I will state this first because this is the third game in the series of “War of the Human Tanks”. I did not play the first 2 games and because of that while playing the third game which is War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations I felt a little lost in the story. [Alliance Leader is savage]

The land of Japon [Yes you read that right its’ Japon] has been split in two and thrown into war by two nations, the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon, who use biological weapons known as “Human Tanks” to fight their war. But now the war between these two has turned into a proxy war between the Human Tanks themselves.

The Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon, two nations locked in war for an age, have finally agreed to a ceasefire to end the bloodshed. To improve relations between the two countries, and due to the decrease of the radiotoxic particles that the Human Tanks use as fuel, the tanks themselves are about to disappear from all of Japon.

Our hero, Yatarou Shirahase, acting as an officer in the Imperial army, is dispatched on a mission to subjugate the Human Tanks. He must now battle an enemy of the same make as his own beloved company of Human Tanks.

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Seek out, charge and self-destruct to destroy your enemies in this strategy game! Lead your Human Tanks and complete your missions! Scout out the enemy and plan your strategy, but remember that your tanks will go down in one hit and be lost forever.

Before a battle starts you will get to deploy and place your human tanks at spots on the map of course that comes to some planning, clumping them up is s smart choice because a shock tank could kill them all at once if you are not careful. Same as the opposite spread them far apart they will take a long time to move near the enemies and may die to a random blind shot made by the AI which sucks if your key unit gets taken down by a blind shot losing the whole battle instantly.

Some things I would like to note is that sometimes the AI feels a too strong but sometimes the AI feels plain stupid in my experience so far. Lets take for example there are battles where I had and I was standing directly in front of the enemy and they did not attack my unit that was placed in front of them at all, instead they opted to attack a random spot with nothing on it which is kind of weird in my opinion.

But overall gameplay wise it is enjoyable there is strategy which will be used and some luck may be involved like firing a blind shot and killing the opponent and then feeling the sense of saticfication that you just destroyed the opponent by pure luck.

Key Features

  • Over 50 missions with strategic, semi real-time battles
  • Challenging “Limits” to clear on all missions
  • Countless cute Human Tanks to battle with and against
  • Replay missions at any time to improve your rank
  • English localization features hand-drawn battle backgrounds and an improved user interface
  • Cute tanks


To Sum Up

Will I recommend War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations? This is a tough one to answer if I were to give a verdict based on my personal taste I will be sanding on a neutral ground for this. However do go for it if you like strategy games and chibi art style. Lastly I would like to thank FruitBat Factory for providing me with a review copy. Yes Hotaru you are cute. 😀

War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations steam store page

Yakiniku Banzai!

FruitBat Factory.

2 thoughts on “War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations – Review

  1. Regarding the AI, in the same way each of your tanks has a Sight Range so does the enemy, so if you see an enemy 2 blocks away and they don’t shoot you is because they don’t see you, their sight is probably only the blocks next to themselves and so they can’t see you.

    if you select an enemy tank (you need to be able to see it, of course) you can see their stats including their sight range


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