CLANNAD Side Stories – Review


CLANNAD Side Stories Official English Release, Published onto steam by Sekai Project and Developed by Key, who has also developed visual novels like Kanon, Air and Little Busters just to name a few. CLANNAD Side Stories is known as CLANNAD -クラナド- 光見守る坂道で in Japanese. It is originally released on PlayStation®Portable in 2010, it combined the text of the respective novel published in 2005 and audio from the drama CD’s published in 2007. Each story centers around a specific character from CLANNAD, from Nagisa to Yoshino, even including Kyou’s pet, Botan. [Botan is pretty cute but not my favorite of the bunch] Each short story adds rewarding depth to the world of CLANNAD and its cast. A small note before I proceed this review will be slightly different from the other reviews as there will not be any score given. Relavent links can be found at the bottom of this review.


Delve further into the world of CLANNAD and experience the stories beyond the original visual novel, there is a total of 16 side stories each lasting around 30 minutes that allows you to explore and experience new sides and twists to your favorite characters the whole game takes around 8 – 10 hours for full completion. I will be honest here, I did like that it’s a sound novel and the player cannot control the speed of the text and is forced to listen to the whole voice lines till the end. I read at an average speed but still I managed to finish reading the lines way before the voice lines stopped so that is just a small downside to it. But still an enjoyable experience as you can get to see more of CLANNAD characters from different perspective and situations.


From 16 stories that it has to offer. My favorite of the bunch is provably story 15 “Together in a public bath”. This story in particular has humor and sad moments, though the sad moments are fake because of a misunderstanding which was very funny because of the build up which leads to a series of events. Like Youhei Sunohara washing Akio Furukawa back at the public bath because he thought he was going to die and wants to spend his final moments with them. [Well that is what they thought] I could only imagine Youhei Sunohara embarrassment after he realize he looked like a total complete idiot.

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CLANNAD Side Stories Key Features:

  • This all-new Steam release collects all 16 side story chapters, previously only made available on the PSP in Japan!
  • HD Upgrade: features high resolution assets at 1280×960!
  • Translated to English for the very first time!
  • Extremely sweet moments as seen in the screenshots above.
  • Ability to melt your heart with warmth!
  • Illustrations by GotoP


To Sum Up

Will I recommend CLANNAD Side Stories? Simple answer is yes. But I would highly suggest you to read through CLANNAD first so that you would get the rough idea of each character and you will get to know what are their connections they have with each other. Overall an enjoyable experience not to mention it is enhanced with beautiful illustrations by GotoP.

CLANNAD steam store page

CLANNAD Side Stories steam store page

GotoP website [JP]

GotoP twitter

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