Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition – Review


Developed by Yeti / Regista and published by Sekai Project on steam. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition is not your typical moege filled with moe where it’s all about romance. Instead it has the touch of mystery, SCI FI and many more in this visual novel. It’s story is very rich and its filled with heart stopping moments and twists throughout.

The Story 10/10

September 16, 2030 – 6:19:30 AM, Business is as usual in the isolated research city of “Rokumei”. The “incident” occurs several explosions suddenly go off in the nuclear research facility known as “LABO.

The city sends in “Sirius,” an elite rescue squad, to deal with the situation. But the situation only gets worse when LABO’s nuclear reactor melts down, sending the facility into lockdown–with members of Sirius and survivors still trapped inside in the meantime filling LABO with the ashes of its dead. With lethal radiation leaking everywhere and not enough anti-radiation medication to last until lock down lifts, the survivors make more and more grim discoveries. In their struggle for survival, in a deathtrap full of fire and radiation, they learn that doubt is their greatest enemy, and trust their greatest asset. There are still 9 hours before the system recovers. The rescuers have only enough drugs to prevent radiation exposure for 6 people, but what about the other 3…? Strange, phenomena keeps happening… There is also suspicion of a murdering going around as they find some researchers and rescue team members dead from bullet wounds, and three high school students who are also trapped in the lab but are nowhere to be found.

There are 6 mysteries surrounding this incident:
1. During the incident, the captain of the rescue team lost his memory. What happened?
2. Why were these normal high school students locked up in a place like this?
3. A murdered body was found in the research facility they’ve been locked down in. Why?
4. Why did this incident happen? Why can’t they get out?
5. Why is the one that cannot exist — “that guy” — here?

The mystery gets deeper and deeper. Gradually, the constant conflicts get more and more on these people’s nerves…
The key to surviving is hidden 6 days ago. In the sealed memories of the young man…

The story is definitely one of the most interesting and intense story I have read. It has many plot twists and it is very confusing at first. I got a little frustrated at the front parts and at the “decision making” parts that uses the sense system as it is very vague unless you used a guide to help yourself through the story and the time frames of √A and √B these two different perspectives don’t overlap, you can’t get the full picture of the cause and details of this incident from one route alone. Only by clearing all the routes will you be able to grasp the full story. The ending chapter is very satisfying as it starts to connect all the plots together while revealing the true nature of the story. Overall an extremely enjoyable read from the start to finish.



Senses Sympathy System (SSS)

It does not use a traditional system when you are presented with a straight choice instead it uses an original system where you are given the opportunity to adjust certain characters’ “senses” at specific points. Each character’s senses can be anywhere from 0-8, according to what value you input into the “senses sympathy system” it may or may not change the route/plot of the story thus giving the game an unpredictable progression. A character’s senses represents their impression to others at that moment. For example, in the face of danger, raising Watase’s senses can make him more courageous, on the contrary it may make him react recklessly. The senses system is kind of vague at times, but it does a good job of distancing the player from the narrator, and it makes a whole lot of sense later on as the story unfolds.


√A does an extremely good job of suspending the player and it is provably gripping part of the story, with dangerous events happening most of the time and a large number of bad endings the player may encounter. Desperate to survive and unravel the secret behind the incident at the lab and Watase’s lost his memories. It makes the player [me] want to keep advancing into the story without break. [That’s what I did for 12 hours straight] Root Double features two different protagonists: Watase Kasasagi, a rescue squad captain who has lost his memories in the hours after the incident, and Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a student piecing together the clues in the six days before.


√B is provably the most boring section for me as there is quite a huge amount of info dumping from Ena about BC when she is teaching the class in the school. But then √B is very important to the story because it does not only shows what happened 6 days before the “incident” through Natsuhiko point of view, and it perfectly sets you into the direction that the game wants you to go into. It tricks the players into believing something is there. [Not mentioning because it is a major spoiler]

Audio and Visual Elements 9/10

Visual Elements – Many things to note here is that the backgrounds, CGs and character sprites used in Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition are very consistent with each other in turn made the whole visual novel as whole looks “smoother”. This is really a huge thing for me overall I absolutely adore the artstyle used in Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition despite it being a moege art style being used in a “serious” VN. Though personally I wish they used a different approach for the art style since it a more “serious” type of VN but overall the moege VN art style managed to fit in nicely. I got to agree with Mashiro that Salyu is super cute I almost got killed by moe too.

Audio Elements – Music is a very important factor to consider in a visual novel because music has a great ability to set the mood or depicting one character personality. I absolutely loved the music tracks in Root Double. When I was playing Root Double the moment I heard Jun Moribe voice I instantly recognize it and my suspicion was right she was voiced by Tomonaga Akane 友永 朱音 the same voice actor that voiced  Kazami Kazuki from Grisaia no Kajitsu. Well I personally like her voice and I always actively seek out seiyus so knowing that Tomonaga Akane 友永 朱音 voiced Jun Moribe, I liked Jun the most of course this was not the only deciding factor. The soundtracks itself are obviously good as it fits into the game perfectly and each of their character theme songs depicts them their personalities perfectly too.

Here are some music tracks samples which I took from Root Double Kickstarter Page and ROUTE EXIT from here.

Individualist/Theme of Louise

Double Bible (Inst. Arrange)

Extra-Sensory Perception



Key Features:

  • Directed by Takumi Nakazawa of Infinity series fame.
  • “Senses Sympathy System” allows for deep, unpredictable progression.
  • True science fiction adventure with incredible production value!
  • Several different endings based on the choices made by the player.
  • Enchanting sound and music from the critically acclaimed Takuma Sato.
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.


To sum up 9.5/10

Will I recommend this ? Simple answer is yes. I would definitely recommend this visual novel if you are the type of person who likes SCI-FI and want something serious for a change. Though do note that this has some form of “difficulty” because it uses a different system that branches the player out and without a guide it will take you an extremely long time to complete the whole visual novel. I am not a fan of having “blind choices” in my visual novel I am more of the type of person that prefers to just click on my mouse all day long basically a kinetic novel is my thing. From here, below I will be explaining what is going on in Root Double so before you proceed, please do not read if you do not want to be spoilt because once you scroll pass the spoiler warning section everything contains massive spoilers. [Including screenshots]

Root Double Steam Store Page



DO NOTE only read if you have completed the game as below here onward everything is a spoiler and it will just ruin the whole game for you. This section is intended for people who have completed the game and do not understand it fully or wants an explanation of what is gong on without having the need of replaying the whole game again.





*Spoiler warning*

*Spoiler warning*

*Spoiler warning*

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*Spoiler warning*

*Spoiler warning*

*Spoiler warning*




Things to note for so that it will be easier to understand and it will let you grasp a better understanding of what is going on. Of course I will not go through everything but I will go through 85 % of what is going on.


Subject N – kazami Tachibana little sister, Nagisa Tachibana hence subject N as they always use their first letter of their names and put it into the name of subject. She “died” in Municiple Apartment Complex Gas Explosion which is caused by Q. The first fire that was caused at LABO was by her and it’s because she wanted to escape to see her sister again which is Kazami Tachibana. The first fire that was caused at LABO caught Kotono Yuuri and Tenkawa Natsuhiko in it too hence causing Kotono Yuuri “death”. She became malice incarnate after her time in LABO because she used sense sympathy with so many people and everyone no matter how small has at least a small amount of malice in them has gone into Subject N herself hence accumulating and eventually she became malice incarnate.  Subject N is an empty as she went through N-ification because of LABO experiments that requires her to use excessive Senses Symphaty shell a null value it refers to a state where no data has been input or an empty character with a length of zero. Basically her originally personality does not exists ANYMORE

Subject Y – Salyu / Yui / Louise Yui sannomiya, The name Yui and Louise Yui Sannomiya name is given by Tenkawa Miyoko which is  the girl who came to be known as Salyu lived the first thirteen years of her life as  a test subject raised in LABO. She was given birth by Alice Enflamme in LABO.  After getting out of Areaa  0 under the condition of her memories of everything of LABO and the experiments is to be erased. She will be granted freedom this is achieved by Tenkawa Miyoko the mother of Tenkawa Natsuhiko.

Subject Y II – Kotono Yuuri, She is not dead in fact she was locked up in LABO area 0 as a test subject in exchange for Tenkawa Natsuhiko freedom after the first fire that happened at LABO. She “died” in the first LABO fire 1 day after the incident due to smoke poisoning.[Not sure of the correct term for that] She became a test subject because she have a rank S aptitude which is caused by the WX amplifier and the same happened to Tenkawa Natsuhiko. At first LABO wanted to take them both but Kotono Yuuri sacrificed herself to become the test subject instead of Natsuhiko

Subject A / Communicator A –  For the sake of convenience lets just call her Subject A all the way.  Alice Enflamme, Yui’s mother she was the trigger to the Great Rokumei City Arson and was confined in LABO after the incident. Subject A escaped PRC building and caused the arson because she was a powerful communicator and she spread malice to 15 other people by altering their memories and that incited them to commit arson hence causing the Great Rokumei City Arson but the blame was placed on Q.

Tsubakiyama Ena – Tsubakiyama Ena real identity is a “detective” not exactly 1 but she belong to a group whose existence is unknown to the general public but they conduct activities in accordance to the police and are authorized to carry firearms and they reserve the rights to shoot criminals when no other option is available. She is a person that protects communicators while also protecting people from communicators. How did Tsubakiyama Ena end up in the mess? It’s because Tsubakiyama Ena manage to research the dark secrets of LABO and infiltrated LABO with a fake search warrant to try to see what is going on but little did she not know the day that she was at LABO D-day the day the plan of the terrorists are being put into action.

Q terrorist group – Q  was not a terrorist group in fact they were a group of citizens that disliked BC users at first but after that, they started hating Rokumei city government because they were framed by the government as a terrorist group that orchestrated The Great Rokumei city Arson to cover themselves up and to hide Subject A / communicator A escape all for the sake of public standing and it was more convenient for them to put the blame on something else.

The Great Rokumei city Arson – Is an event on September 16 2014 that is caused by Communicator A malice induced victim and its caused by 15 people in 15 different locations in Rokumei city were set ablaze 1 of them being the hospital that Kasasagi Watase was in.

Municiple Apartment Complex Gas Explosion – It occurred on April 7 2021, the apartment is somewhat a place for communicators. A gas explosion happened and people thought it was an accident but in realty the truth is that the apartment complex was targeted by Q because it has many communicators living in it.

Root B’s bad endings don’t actually happen. As mentioned in Yuuri’s memories, they’re just hallucinations she created whenever she noticed Natsuhiko didn’t have enough trust in Mashiro and Salyu in order to show him how dangerous his current mindset is.


The only innocent party which had been dragged into this mess is Kotono Yuuri, Tenkawa Natsuhiko, Tsubakiyama Ena, Kazami Tachibana, Nagisa Tachibana, Sannomiya Louise Yui, Toba Mashiro and finally Kasasagi Watase and his sister.


Mandatory cute image of Moribe Jun *Hnnnng*

With that let’s go into what happened and what are the events that connected which leads to September 16 known as D-day in Root A. Of course not everything will be explained in extreme detail but I will put them in some form of order so that it will be easier to understand.

Kasasagi Watase sister died in The Great Rokumei city Arson and he became a rescue worker in order to realize his sister dreams, midway he joined Q terrorist group.

The car “accident” that happened in root A?

Ukita Keiji accident was not just a normal accident apparently it was caused by Q to protect Ukita Keiji because, Ukita Keiji was already being watched so in order to take suspicion off him. Q came into action causing a diversion to let whoever that is watching him pass him off as just no other than a normal citizen and thus proving that he is not part of Q though it is all just a show and its motives is to make the plan proceed smoothly and increasing the chance of success thanks to that diversion by Q all surveillance on Ukita were dropped thus letting the plan proceed more smoothly.

So how did they get affected by subject N in LABO?

It’s because when they found the dead girls body by the cargo lift that is subject N came into the range to use sensess sympathy, but she was announced dead by Tachibana Kazami but do note that when they use BC all their vitals and life signs will drop so it has a high chance that when Tachibana Kazami took a test on her she was using her last breath to use BC, being alive subject N uses senses sympathy thus affecting Jun, Tachibana and Ukita because those 3 administered AD at a slightly later time frame but at that point only Kotono Yuuri and Kasasagi Watase administered themselves with AD thus preventing subject N from infecting them with Malice. But Kasasagi Watase was also infected by it because he injected himself with AD a little late so there is a small time frame window for him to get infected with malice.

The Truth Behind LABO

LABO is in fact a BC research facility they used nuclear as a form of a cover up and it being a “nuclear research facility” people will avoid that area. Everything they did is in conjuncture with Rokumei city and Rokumei city government and LABO had a grand scale cover up. They even have all phones conversation taped and in the event if something inconvenient was said it would be immediately intercepted and reported to the security department. So whoever had suspicion of something provably have gotten disposed of in one way or another.

Everything they did was for the sake of money, the fake death of Kotono Yuuri which became subject Y II and Nagisa Tachibana which became subject N. [Please refer to the top of Moribe Jun image to know what happened to them]

Case N is a code to prevent a test subject from area zero from escaping not a nuclear meltdown, they lied about the nuclear meltdown it’s so that people will not go near it at all and after the lock down they can recapture the escaped subjects.


AD formal name is alone desire in other words it is drugs for those who desire solitude a drug to reject BC the power to connect people . With continued dosage of AD  a communicator would be no different from an ordinary person or if used in the other way around a person could come into contact with communicator without fear of having their minds being read. AD was invented before LABO starts to lose their morals and ethics in hopes of letting normal people and BC users live together without having any worries.



Root D ending Before

This has no conclusion it just shows what happened to watase after natsuhiko erased his memories completely after he tried to get yuuri into Q. How does he know all of these? it’s because Ena explained it to him so what happened from there onward I do not know but on my speculation I do believe that after knowing the truth of his past from Ena it set him ablaze and sets himself again to bring Yuuri to Q to expose the dark secrets Rokumei city.


Root D ending After

This too has no conclusion it just shows what happened to Tenkawa Natsuhiko after he decided to join Q in Yuuri stead to expose the dark secrets of Rokumei city and the government. It shows Yuuri living in denial too but Sannomiya Louise Yui and Toba Mashiro woke her up and those 3 come to a conclusion of saving him. As seen at the above screenshot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Root D grand ending / True ending

Natsuhiko connects all the dots together and it shows all the small little incidents adds up to this, this was extremely satisfying. I will just let you browse the screenshots, I have placed them in order the first image is the image with fire with no words at all. Do note I will be very vague for this ending as it is the true ending.

At the end of the day the I personally do not know who is at fault here because the Root problem is that BC users are living in the city which angered some people to the point that they formed an anti-BC organization and then they started to protest in front of the PRC building that Subject A was living at that moment of time. Provably due to fear subject A escaped but at the time she escaped she was already filled with malice and in the process of N-ification. While she was escaping she ran into 15 people and affected them with malice and these 15 people affected with malice caused The Great Rokumei city Arson and in the arson 1 location was a hospital that Kasasagi Watase was warded at, in the fire his sister tried to aid him in his escape but instead she died in the fire while saving Kasasagi Watase. After the incident the government took advantage of the situation and framed the anti-BC organization as the ones who started all the Arson and branded them as terrorists to cover the escape of subject A escape. So who was at fault? In my opinion I think that every single party has a part to play to the events that lead to September 16 known as D-day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It shows what happened after those screenshots [not shown here] for all the characters and what happened to them and they fought hard to expose LABO and Rokumei city secrets and succeeded. After that things started to change for the better the whole city gotten better.  This ending is what made this whole visual novel so worth the trouble its super satisfying as it answers all of your doubts.


Root D good ending route Before [on grand ending route]

It has the same outcome of Root D ending After but you get to see what happened after he erased yuuri memory after escaping from LABO. From the above screenshot it is obvious that he plans to stop LABO and Rokumei city government by joining Q and help them in the fight.


Root D good ending route After [on grand ending route]

Natsuhiko decided not to erase Watase memories but decided to be there for him in a sense and they took the “peaceful” approach to end and expose LABO and Roukumei city dark secrets. So it’s not very conclusive too.


Another mandatory image

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