Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish – Review

20160324133511_1Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish is a mystery visual novel about bizarre incidents unfolding around the town, intermingled with a complicated mixture of human intentions. It is not your usual moege nor an otomege in fact I was quite a surprise for me since I did judge it from its cover at the start and I did not expect much at all [ I know I am a bad person 😦 ]. Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish is developed by  POMERA Studios and publish by Fruitbat Factory It has 1 ending but has choices, choices that use a reasoning system that unlocks bonus content upon successful answer. It will not affect the ending in any way except for S rank scenarios unlock and materials unlock. A guide I have created can be found here.

Note using this guide may have spoilers use it at your own risk.

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The Story 8.7/10

In the middle of the night on a certain day of April 201X, the left arm of the owner of a general store is chopped off in the backyard of his own store. Even though he claims that the perpetrator is a ‘doll’ that was kept in the store, his words carry little weight due to the lack of other witnesses. The doll and the detached arm are gone from the scene of crime. Where could they be? No one knows and it is up to the reader to read through it to unfold the mystery slowly with clues provided.

“Just as a light too bright may burn out one’s retinas, too much of any good thing can be toxic to humans.
Even should it have the invisible form of one’s emotions.”

The story is like a roller coaster it starts off slow but for this a little slower than usual then at the climax this roller coaster just went 90 degrees down the slope which absorbs the reader into the story in which this case me it was really exciting and i felt the thrill. I loved the pacing of the story its really well paced though some people may find the start a little too slow. But it will be worth. It uses a map-based scene selection and you can get to see things through characters point of view.

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Characters are extremely memorable, each of them are unique and have some special traits about them. Lets take for example, Nanashi his first impression he gave off was he is no different than any other business man that has 2 – 3 faces to slap. The kind side of his will appear when you have money to spend and the other side when you have no money. His character introduction was so funny I literally laughed when he called Yuu a fashion model and then did a 180 degree face turn when he finds out that he has no money on him to spend. But on the contrary he is quite a caring person just that he hides it well. Overall all of the characters are really memorable and will definitely leave an impact on the reader as it did leave a strong impression on me.

Audio and Visual elements 7.5/10

Background, CGs  artBackgrounds are made with 3D CG backgrounds and unfortunately I am nor exactly a fan of it. I do not like it that much and would prefer 2D backgrounds over 3D backgrounds. Why? Because 3D backgrounds looks a little too bland and in this case it does not compliment well with the art style that is being used here for the character sprites. But as for the CGs and sprites both of them are is consistent with each other and looks detailed. Overall it is good, just that the 3D backgrounds may be off putting for some people.

Audio ElementsThe audio is really good for this particular VN the sound effects are very realistic that it manages to send down shivers down my spine as it manages to set the mood and make things flow from then on at certain parts of the VN. For example, at an action scene it made used of sound effects which made when the doll that was dragging a weapon, while the weapon is scraping against the floor gets louder and louder as she gets closer to the victim in the VN. It did a very good job of immersing the reader into the action and atmosphere. As for the music used, I think I will just Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish OP speak for itself for music.

20160327173323_1To Sum Up 8/10

To sum up do I recommend this visual novel? Simple answer, yes I did enjoyed it and it did a good job of captivating the reader [me] and kept me nice in place to finish it with a sense of satisfaction. It is well worth your time and money for sure and for people who likes mystery with slight hints of horror this is the VN for you.

Some people may find that this character Chiharu have not much impact in this game well the reason is quite simple. Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish is just the first part and there is more that is called “indigo blue heaven” that has not yet been released yet you will be able to see that after completing the game. For people who have completed this VN do re-watch the OP as there are many hints and you can get to see almost every character that is mentioned in Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish. Like Akane etc etc.

Lastly I would like to thank Fruitbat Factory  for providing me a review copy.

-2016-mar-28-041Lastly as an added bonus

All owners of Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish will receive a digital copy of the official artbook for free. As stated here

We’re happy to announce that a free digital copy of the all-new official artbook of Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish will be included with the game, courtesy of POMERA Studios.

The artbook contains character profiles, gorgeous artwork with creators’ comments, and more!

I would highly suggest to only check the artbook after completing the VN as the artbook do contain some slight spoilers.

Get it here on the steam store!

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