MangaGamer Announcements from Anime Boston 2016

ManaGamer’s newest announcements at Anime Boston 2016 it will release a hardcopy edition of their previously released nukige, Free Friends; the sequel to the highly popular Imouto Paradise; and the drama CDs for their newly released yuri game Kindred Spirits on the Roof. As it can be seen here.

-2016-mar-26-020Their first announcement is the release of Free Friends hardcopy Developed by Noesis which will be out on the May 20th! Store page link here.  If you would like to read a review of free friends click here.

Free Friends! This sexy tale of blackmail, exploitation, and possible salvation will be coming to Hard Copy this summer! Fans of Noesis and dark, sexy titles will be able to own this great game on disc starting on May 20th for just $24.95! Pre-orders are open now.


Their second announcement is Kindred Spirits drama CDs! They are bringing over the drama CDs for Kindred Spirits on the Roof! This is their very first release of a new product–drama CDs! We’re excited to be breaking new ground with this first foray into the sale of localized drama CDs for fans to enjoy. It is our hope that the success of this endeavor will help pave the way for future drama CD releases as well.

Each of the four drama CDs tell sequels to the stories of each of the couples in the original games. The first follows Ano, as Yuna, Hina, and Nena pretend to be her girlfriends in order to throw off some stalkers. In the second, Youka and Kiri realize they’re repeating the same dates with their partner, so they both agree to have the other plan their next date. The third showcases Miki, Maki, Matsuri, and Miyu as they all share a vacation to the beach. Then, in the final drama CD, the broadcasting club hosts a radio show during a sale at the local shopping district.

All four drama CDs will be sold both on Steam and MangaGamer as subtitled videos for $9.99 each. The first Kindred Spirits drama CD will be available this April, and we hope to release the successive drama CDs roughly one month following the previous volume’s release. We will also be carrying limited copies of the original Japanese drama CDs at future conventions throughout this year for those who would like to own the originals in pure audio format.

-2016-mar-26-022Last but not least their third and final announcement is Imouto Paradise 2 a Sequel to Imouto Paradise. The hotly awaited sequel to Imouto Paradise!

It’s summer vacation and Keiichi’s parents left him with his five younger sisters to go on an overseas trip. Now with their parents far out of the picture, his younger sisters are aggressively making their moves on him. Of course there’s no way he can hold back.

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