Always The Same Blue Sky… – Review

20160315185835_1Always The Same Blue Sky… developed by Crimson Night and published by Flying Interactive, on steam. It is a visual novel with choices with 2 endings 1 being a bad ending and the other being a good end. Players are given choices to make in the game and depending on your choices it will change the outcome of the story.

The story 0.1/10

You play as a thoughtful young soul, bumbling your way through late adolescence; you’ve been through a lot for your age and consequently are a little numb. This is why you don’t bat an eyelid when, out of the blue, you’re transferred to yet another school, in yet another remote location. Little do you know that this small island is nothing like the others, that the events that occur on it will change everything.

What’s with the low score? Simple answer is that the ending comes out of nowhere and makes very little sense. it turns out Kira’s some sort of sea spirit who’s been killing people every month to maintain her human form. After a VERY heavy-handed moral about the destructive nature of humanity she’s sucked up by the sea again, and we get a short epilogue of how the sea will always be with us and so Kira’s never gone or whatever. But which part of the game says she is a serial killer? It was not even hinted at all and the fact of her being a killer just got shoved into your face midway through the story and everything felt very forced. The VN seems to be scrambled together without much in the way of pretense. One minute you’re sharing milkshakes with Kira by the seaside, the next you’re talking with her about the selfishness of mankind. None of these transitions feel natural at all and extremely forced like it happened in the story just for the sake of the plot. Huge chunks of plot are missing. There are several topics that are forgotten and it does not affect the story at all. For instance, during the opening sequence, the protagonist takes a pill of some sort before rushing to school. Is this an indication of illness? It’s never brought up again. So what was the pills for? Medication? No one knows because well its never been brought up again. Its just there for the plot that does not even exists.

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Audio and Visual elements 2/10

Visual elements – Backgrounds are provably their best selling point in the visual elements department because those are the ones that look above average in this VN. Sprites are average but have inconsistency with CG art which is really annoying to me and a pain to look at.

Audio – Music,  overall the music in game is average there is nothing too fancy going on with the music its just average at best. There is nothing much to say here.

20160315185515_1To sum up 0.9/10

Will I recommend this visual novel? Definitely no, the story was a mess and there is no other attractive aspect of it. It has average music, inconsistent sprites art. Something I forgot to mention is that the text. The text are SO SMALL I literally have to sit closer to my laptop screen to read through it and it is really annoying as it takes comfort out of reading. Just take a look at the above screenshot. It is barely even visible.

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