Pyrite Heart – Review

-2016-feb-20-010Pyrite Heart is a visual novel with choices developed by Winged Cloud and published by Winged cloud themselves. Do note this VN got released at 26 Sep, 2014 As you can see I was just looking back at some old VNs to review and found this one.

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The story 5/10

You will play through as a spoiled princess Ahri who’s been sheltered all her life. And after a bet she made with her brother about being able to survive in the outside world for a week, she transferred to a “common school”. There she meets a frustrating rival and an unexpected nuisance.

As the story sounds average it filled with cliches sadly which obviously have left a bad after taste in my mouth, the story of a rich spoilt girl going out to survive in the “real” world. It sounds familiar right? The ending felt too rushed it is like they just wanted to publish this as fast as possible, I felt that if they put in more effort in adding more content to the story this would surely be a straight up positive review. They could have done better in terms of branching out after the happy endings i really wanted to see more because there is still much room for more content but it is just “The End” and you get met by the credits which is a wasted potential here.

Audio and Visual elements 5/10

Visual elements For a short visual novel there is alot of CGs which is surprising. Art style is good impactful and smooth art style being used with solid colors being used. That are very pleasing to the eye provably the best selling point for this particular VN.

Audio elements Music are relatively average nothing really crazy or good.
But on 1 of the route i really loved the piano music being used there the piano really adds so much emotion to the situation i was rather surprised of them using a piano music in this short VN like this because usually when a VN is short normally they will not even concentrate on the music aspects.

2015-10-21_00015To sum up 5.1/10

The story is really cute and enjoyable in fact I found myself smiling throughout the whole play through but it is not worth at full price so i highly suggest to pick it up when it is on sale. Missing this out is no big deal either many things in this VN could be found in other or even better VNs. But do note this VN got released at 26 Sep, 2014 so yeah..

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