Orion: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel – Review

-2016-feb-20-007Orion is a science-fiction visual novel centered on the implications of time travel, artificial intelligence, and humanity’s ascent to the stars.
Players are given choices to make in the game and depending on your choices it will change the outcome of the story. There are 9 endings in total including 1 true ending that can be obtainable after completing 8 of the other endings.

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The story 1/10

Sam Acacius has received a horrifying message: the section of the Orion Torus where he lives, his only home, will be destroyed. This information has been entrusted to him alone. With the identity of the messenger itself obscured, Sam must decide whether the risks of investigation are worth it. What could a single person do to stop the inevitable?
To learn the answers behind this message, Sam must confront forces at the very core of society. Whether he succeeds or fails depends on critical choices he’ll have to make along the way.

Audio and Visual elements 2/10

Background art are generally smooth looking, actually I kind of like them overall, as for the sprites are average just that for some characters the sprites are very inconsistent which was quite a turn off for me sadly. I really like the background art and CGs in general but character sprites are just not good at all.

Voice acting is honestly good I can say that it does the job well, it manages to put a sense of emotion through the voice of the characters. As for the sound effects are used in the right way [these are for important for this certain visual novel because you will get met with black screen and sound effects will let you imagine what is going on]

To sum up 1.5/10

I will not recommend this Visual Novel, why? The true ending is a very anti climatic and it is just not worth to go through 8 endings just to see a very anti climatic ending. This VN felt like a complete waste of time, characters are annoying and the “true end” you work so hard for is so anti climatic. Its like having the feeling of wanting to sneeze and then the sneeze disappears.


I honestly would have recommend this Visual Novel if the endings were more satisfying but sadly for this it is not that case, I felt it is quite a waste, they had the visuals and sound elements alright but the endings are just to vague and very unsatisfying. Not to mention that the characters are very annoying most of them are whining about something half the time obviously me being the reader got annoyed by it. Who wants a main character to be whine about everything? No one right because it will just end up plain annoying.

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