Without Within – Review

20160322065914_1Without Within a visual novel Developed by InvertMouse and published by InvertMouse themselves.
First of please do note that the developer team is really small it consists around 3 – 5 people maybe? For this particular VN. I do not know the exact number. Without Within is a short visual novel that explores the creative mind. The game was released for free in Christmas 2014 as thanks to everyone for supporting my endeavors thus far. For those who kindly appreciate the experience and wish to make a contribution, there is an Extra Edition DLC that includes the soundtrack, a digital artbook, as well as three inspirational chase cards.
Secondly i stand on a neutral ground for this visual novel. Meaning yes i do recommend it but to a certain extent. (Go to the bottom for reason of standing on a neutral ground)
Thirdly this is a FREE visual novel, hence being very short is not a issue here because it will take you around 5 – 15 minutes to read finish.

-2016-mar-21-030The story 5/10

Follow Vinty’s life of chasing her dreams of being a famous in the world of calligraphy meanwhile dealing with pressure as things have not go in the direction she intended it to be. As life pressures her toward giving up, will she forget why she pursued this craft in the first place?

-2016-mar-21-031Audio and Visual elements 5/10

Visual Elements The chibi art style used is really cute and the background art feels average but it is alright.
Audio elements The music is alright very lighthearted and cute, it really goes well with the chibi art. Overall for visual and Audio its just average at best.

Reasoning for a neutral ground

Reason for standing on a neutral ground is because the choices you make in this visual novel is being taken at face value and the events that take place happens to quickly. It is very realistic which is a good thing but there is no “build up” to the events.
Then again it is a free visual novel and the developer have to fork out their own money to make this visual novel and it is created by a very small team, so we should appreciate the work the developer have put into.

20160322065911_1To sum up 5/10

I would recommend this visual novel to people who want something sweet and short. But at the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference honestly. Some people may shun this which is fine but if you are really looking into this VN.Without Within will only take half of an hour of your time to complete it.

Steam Store Page Link

DLC Link

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