Grisaia no Kajitsu – Review

-2016-feb-14-045Grisaia no Kajitsu is an outstanding visual novel that have 5 good and bad routes in the game, which means its will last you over 50 hours of gameplay but I personally took way more than 50 hours for sure. Developed by Frontwing and published by Sekai Project on steam.

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The story

The start of the series, Grisaia no Kajitsu. In Kajitsu the story begins with the protagonist Kazumi Yuuji transferring into a certain school and meeting 5 other girls who attends it. There are only 6 students the school.
It gives off a very unique feel, unlike all other school-related VNs. The heroines are, unique, eccentric and weird in some way or another. To be precise, the entire school is full of weirdos, even Yuuji himself. In this place of learning, protected by high walls from the outside world, there arrived a single young man who’d lost his purpose in life. He’d lost sight of what he wanted to protect. He passed his days in a haze of guilt and regret. All that remained to him were the chains around his neck… And a life worth less than that of a stray dog. But in that academy, he would meet five young women. And in time, he would discover a new thread of hope.

The common route is entertaining and interesting, because the characters are all weirdos like with Michiru’s stupidity, Sachi’s lack of common sense, Makina’s downright rude personality, Amane’s horny big sister role player,Yumiko’s “classic kuudere.” as per mentioned by Makina mentions multiple times , and Yuuji’s tsundere personality.

Audio and Visual elements

Visual Elements – The art style is very pleasing to the eye and with vivid colors being used it makes a nice ambiance around the visual novel itself.
The backgrounds are absolutely stunning for example at the scene where Yuuji finds Michiru looking out to the sea, the background of the seawater moves and it looks very realistic just absolutely gorgeous.
I loved the way the sprites moved and change faces in between dialogues corresponding to what is going in the visual novel especially everyone’s favorite girl Michiru I adore her cutesy crying face so much. Side note I love JB too she just looks so gorgeous.

Audio elements – It has good voice acting very well done they have great details for example at a scene where Sachi is in the “grand bathroom” and when she speaks there is echos. Absolutely loved every single one of them music cues in perfectly with the mood and atmosphere our heroines and characters in. Lets take for example, Michiru getting smacked on the head, silly music will queue in to depict the mood of the situation. In my opinion music is a very important factor to consider in a visual novel because music has a great ability to set the mood and make things flow from then on and The Fruit of Grisaia executed it very well in this aspect.

To Sum Up 9.8/10

To sum up i would definitely recommend this great title from Frontwing, The Fruit of Grisaia isn’t a game to be missed, and whether you’re a fan of visual novels, anime, or even just well-written stories, this is something that will be a deep, engaging experience.
From here, below I will be talking about every individual route below so before you proceed, please do not read if you do not want to be spoilt there are some parts that contain massive spoilers.



*Spoiler warning*



They are not placed in any form of order or rankings, only worth noting is when that a particular route of mine is a favorite.

1920-1200_006Sachi’s route [favorite]
“The sin of disobedience”

The route that I personally loved the most, her route has more depth in terms of feelings and trauma. Sachi a student that always says “yes” to every single request because of her guilt, a guilt that can never be forgotten easily.
A child that lost the warmth of her family because of how society works her parents start to neglect her because of their job, but they have to work in order to make Sachi happy but that was their mistake… What Sachi craves is not luxury nor fame what she wanted was warmth.. Warmth of her family that money can’t buy.
Having the cravings of what every child wanted “family warmth” puts her into a bottomless pit of guilt.
Thus her simplistic, obsessive obedience was the sole coping method she could find. The only way she could escape her regret and guilt is by being a “good girl”.
But turns out that she is was never the “good girl”, the role she forced herself to play all this time, losing sight of what she wants to protect taking requests even if it is to kill her loved ones.

I was angry at my parents, who couldn’t spare a single night for  me even on my birthday… And I was angry at myself, for being cruel to my exhausted parents, who’d been forced to work by circumstances beyond their control. – Komine Sachi

Why I loved her route most?

Mainly I love her character design it is really cute, well I do have a thing for maids but I am sure its more of her being cute naturally with pink hair, cute little face, politeness and having absolute obedience.[I mean who does not like a cute maid that listens to every order and executes them with no questions? Right?] The touching aspect of family and friends all went in well together. While her character as a whole is unique at the same time. When you are young I am sure there was a period of time where you hated your parents right? Playing through her route somewhat reminded me of myself when I had those useless fights with my parents. Sachi route is definitely an interesting one.

The pacing of her route is perfect everything seems normal at first she is a cute girl who dresses up like a maid because of a command and when the story escalates it maintain a good speed and at the back a secret was revealed reliving her of her guilt, letting her free of her “unbreakable chains”. After completing it seeing her free from her chains I honestly deep down in my heart-felt happy for her despite Sachi being a fictional chracther, this just shows that her route has established a strong connection with me.

1920-1200_005Makina’s route
“No one’s going to protect you”

In Makina’s route you will get to see her life living by that phrase, in a simplified version of that phrase. I would say is that her being alive is living as a dead person there is not much difference even if she did get into trouble no one is there for her, she is alone practically dead but still alive. No one can help the dead or the living as there are limits of one could help, but what if both factors of living and the dead are in 1 person? That will be up to Yuuji decision to change the fate of a certain girl.

Personally I loved the plot twist but I did not like the ending at all her ending to me was a little confusing honestly.
Character design wise I personally like her looks and her loli design fits well with her personality, a small and weak little child in need of warmth, in need of help inside a pit of helplessness.

1920-1200_003Amane’s route
“Survival itself can be a punishment.”

My second favorite route among all. I love her route mainly is that her personality is kind of mirrors me and the way she acts around someone is an exact mirror of me, shocking but true. Both me and her when we feel guilty, we want to be punished for it because living with a sin is really not a great feeling to harbor inside of yourself and the desire to lift that sin away is always at constant peak. In her route you would get to learn her dark past that has been kept locked away in her heart with her sin but somewhere at the same time she is still sub-consciously harboring the guilt for that particular incident, which leads to many unfavorable incidents.

Reason its my second favorite route is that it managed to make me tear a little its touching and it manages to connect with me, it sends a message of despair, guilt, regrets and helplessness that she felt when she was in her predicament to the reader which is me in this case.
Amane’s route was very conclusive it was even looked forward 5 years, 20 years and even 40 years, many topics were covered like what happened to them after uneventful events happened, slice off life starts to flow in many things are paced nicely into the ending. Overall Amane’s route is very well done and extremely satisfying once I completed it I was overwhelmed by it, it’s just too good.

1920-1200_002.jpgYumiko’s route
“That girl’s very birth was a mistake.”

That phrase pretty much sums up her route, she being born into this world is a huge mistake just because she was born a female and because off her gender she cannot do anything about changed many things around her for the worse while at the same time hurting people around her unknowingly. Because of political reason her parents wish she was a male but that is something that no one has control off, from then on it all went downhill for her nothing has been good.. Her days are empty, everything is white and black in her world.

Her route is touching yet interesting looking at her character endure so much and then hope shined on her to be only crushed instantly plunging her into despair and start building up walls around her. [Her box cutter] Then getting her walls torn down by warmth that she desired so much for..
Her route is interesting too me firstly this issue does really exists in the real world where having a male heir is very important especially in Asian countries.
I honestly do not know why having a male is that important despite myself being an Asian so I can’t exactly give so much information here. Among all the routes Yumiko’s route definitely made a large impact of me well I really do not want to say more from here because it will be a huge spoiler that I must not say because there are some things that are better left unsaid.

1920-1200_004Michiru’s route
“A life not so different from death.”

Quite a confusing phrase there right.. Lets see in her route playing through you will discover Michiru’s secret, her secret of her other personality or what I can say a “second person” living inside within her. You will get to see her from a different perspective everything you think you know about her will change the moment you play her route. Michiru has quite a unique personality because of the mask she wears in front of her friends, she is deep down very afraid that her own actions will cause people to hate her thus she decided to become the “clown”, a person that brings laughter and smiles that no one could really hate. But all of that was just a show. You will get to find out more as you play through her route, her secrets and her past.

Personal thoughts on her route, playing through her route I was shocked that her personality reflects the real world so accurately. Everyone wears a mask to hide something and to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Even I do wear a mask to its just more off how much effort does one put into “polishing” their mask and as for Michiru’s case she spend loads of time perfecting it, which is quite scary as it comes down to a person being “fake”. With all of that said her route should have been my favorite honestly but I just like Sachi so much so I am sorry Michiru fan’s. ><“

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