Echo Tokyo: Intro – Review

2016-02-12_00009Echo Tokyo: Intro is a EVN developed by Dharker Studio  and published by Dharker Studio  themselves, as the name suggests it is more of an introduction.Echo Tokyo is the last bastion of humanity. A nuclear fog has made street level uninhabitable. Now hundreds of years later Echo Tokyo lives on, by building bridges and platforms between the skyscrapers to create a new city in the sky. This cyber punk city somehow manages to function without government or law, where the companies rule and order is what people make it for themselves.

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The story 2.5/10

Shizume Misaki – Origin
The first graphic novel story introduces Shizume Misaki, in this fully voiced interactive graphic novel, telling her tale as she begins working as a Fixer within Echo Tokyo.
It is said that a fixer will take any job as long as the price is right. Though many act mainly as private investigators, many others will do any job to pay the rent.
What will become of Shizume on one of her first big jobs as she visits into the most dangerous area of the city… The Slums.

Keiji Light – Origin
The second graphic novel story introduces Keiji Light, in this fully voiced Kinetic graphic novel we learn of the origins and trials Keiji went through as a child in the slums. As well as how he was groomed and abused after being abducted and experimented on, leaving him where he is now.

Visual elements and audio elements 2/10

Visual elements – The character designs have “western art” screaming all over them which I am alright with it and would welcome it warmly. But what really bugs me here is 1 of their particular CG which stands out the best among all of them, it looks so good compared to the others it is like for that particular CG they spent $10 on it while the others $5. It was inconsistent in terms of art. As seen in the above examples it is quite obvious on the artstyle consistency. Overall it just looks acceptable but lazy at the same time. What I think it should do is just do a single style of art and  not try to mix them up because instead of making it looks good overall it looks out of place completely.

Audio elements – Pretty sure not many people have realized this but there is only 1 soundtrack used in it, it sound nice but just having 1 in a visual novel is not going to look good at all, it left a bad impression on me for sure.

2016-02-12_00002Technical aspects something I rarely talk about in a VN
– Extremely limited settings to do in this VN. Like for example in the options area there is only 2 things you could do.. Going windowed mode or full screen mode and that is pretty much it.

– The text appears word by word there is no way to change its settings for it. I have always read visual novels with words appearing instantly and for this I cannot change that I am being forced to read and double click to do the same effect off reading it with the words appearing instantly, which has lead to reading this particular visual novel a quite uncomfortable.

– You cannot turn off voice acting. I personally did like the voice acting but it I just did not like it and it did get in the way of reading combine with the fact that it cannot be turned off its another factor to be added into the negative.

– You cannot save during choices. I think this is really serious issue this is a visual novel and a short one that is. I do not understand why there is no way to save during choices. Not having the ability to save during choices a lazy aspect of this visual novel.

– Not having the ability to have multiple save slots, this is stupid in my opinion especially since this is not a kinetic novel. The fact that the reader could only use

To sum up 2/10

Do I recommend this visual novel? Simple answer no not at all, despite it being an “intro” the story still fell too short all it does in the story is “set up” basically it sets up its theme as a whole and that it. Onto the settings that you can do it is extremely limited it is quite annoying when I went into this I checked for its option and was shocked and my reaction was “That’s it?”. Yes that was my raw reaction to its functions. Overall giving this a miss will not hurt much.

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