Fault Milestone Two side:above – Review

FMS2 menuFault milestone two side:above is a Cinematic – Kinetic Visual Novel that takes place right after the events of fault milestone one. With the addition of a new 3D camera system, fault milestone two aims to introduce a more immersive and “larger than life” reading experience. Follow the grand science fantasy story of Selphine and the gang as they traverse back to their homeland! Developed by ALICE IN DISSONANCE and translated by Sekai Project. Note an small update of this review can be found below.

[Note – This review contain spoilers, read at your own risk]

The Visual Novel starts off with a recap movie of Fault Milestone One as a refresher and continues off from Fault Milestone One left off where Selphine change her personality, to a more ruthless personality that is a consequence of the combination of her lineage, a defense mechanism that comes with “Path-Down”(Empress Syndrome).

2015-10-27_00010The Story 8.5/10

It picks off from the cliffhanger, Fault Milestone One left while traveling to another land and getting their tracks stopped by Melano an omnipotent as she casually negates Ritona’s magic with no effort, and with an equal amount of effort, nukes the entire continent with one spell, before bringing everyone back to life and rewinding time to just before she cast that spell, and then implanting the memories of both the spell and three years of the aftermath into their heads.

Then the game breaks the “fourth wall” by forcing the game to close and reopens after Melano cast her spell to destroy the Outer-Pole completely and then you get to click the “Undo” button after the game reopens looking at Melano staring right at the camera, showing that everyone have died and proving how powerful she is.
Then Melano states that “there won’t be an ‘undo’ next time” .


Oh and yes did I mention how this game has the ability to make you feel with the characters? Okay a warning first that I will be going into spoiler territory. Near the end of the game you will witness an old fucking bastard that nearly got beaten to death, do note he deserve it entirely and then Selphine proceeds to kill him off. I got to say that part of the game really made countless emotions to well up inside of me when I was witnessing that scene emotions like anger, frustration, the urge to beat someone up and empathy. That scene in particular was that powerful, now that I have went back to re-read it I really appreciate that scene alot as it has the music that fits the whole situation perfectly and the sound effects that adds a whole lot more to that particular scene. It is hard to explain here so the best is for you to read it through by yourself and you will know what I am talking about.



Audio and Visual elements 9/10

Visual elements – CGs are really good with extremely detailed backgrounds and the animated scenes (Cinematic novel) are very fluid really of high quality of work being put in there, breaking free from the static nature of many visual novels out there, and adding depth and motion to a scene to create a more dynamic emotional response. It honestly felt like watching a anime. But this is a Visual Novel that manages to give that impression.

2015-09-10_00060 User interface User interface is absolutely stunning there is just so much details going on in the user interface and i occasionally would spend 5 minutes staring at the menus because it is just simply beautiful. As shown in the above screenshot that is in the gallery section, it is just simply stunning. After completing Fault Milestone two its menu screen can be switched too which I find that feature nice and sweet though I cannot show you the second title screen because that would just be spoilers.

Audio elements – The music are on a complete different level, the sound effect perfectly depict all the action going on in the background and the music sets the mood and it belongs in the situation of the environment. I mean just watching and listening to their teaser its so dramatic it impacts real hard, it felt really good listening to the music, what is best is the way it have been combined together. A good story, with stunning visuals to go with music what more could you ask for?

Reasons for giving a very high score on this personally I feel that they really have nailed this 2 aspect hard their music was on a extreme high level and the CGs are extremely detailed.


To sum up 9/10

If you are looking for a high quality Visual Novel with in-depth discussion of culture with fluid writing that is never dull while talking about real world problems like discrimination of the rich and the poor, with the use of good art and music to go along look no more further. Do yourself a favor and do not miss The Fault Series because if you are looking for those I can confidently say this is the one for you.


Some of my personal thoughts / opinions is that this visual novel. It really touches on very mature and real life topics for example it shows how a developing country is being monopolized a topic which not many visual novel touch on. Therein lay no morals, no lessons to be learned. They were oppressed, deceived… Even if they were all earnestly trying to live, trying to protect what was dear to them… All that was left to them was cruel, tragic, meaningless despair. This is… the real world.

Do not give this Visual Novel a miss it is really a well made Visual Novel.


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Updated part 14/3/2016

Oh wow 🙂 This is not something which I do very often like updating of reviews. I think I love the Fault series a little too much. No just kidding I absolutely love it with my heart. 😀 Note, The PC version / steam version is also updated.

With that said this update on the review will emphasize on the update which ALICE IN DISSONANCE has released and updated on steam on 29 February updates can be seen here. So today on 14/3/2016 I found out that fault – milestone two side:above has achievements of course I was excited and decided to give it a read again because why not? I absolutely love the Fault series and for some reason I do not get bored of it. Maybe its just the way with the use of 3D camera system makes it so immersive and absorbed me into the VN itself. Next as stated here. Team Melano has new sprites! The Zhevitz family and Lab 9 crew have their new sprites!

-2016-mar-14-026Well.. Lets talk about this update firstly I think it is really nice that they updated it and make them look way more beautiful and they will give people the option to change in between the old and new art in the future. What I fell in love with first is the older version of the VN artstlye. So when I was reading it again obviously I enjoyed the new artstyle but a part of me missed the old art. You know like someone not being able to forget their first love? Yes that is the feeling I get I really want to see the old artstyle because that is what I fell in love with but nevertheless. The new update art are gorgeous and really pleasing to the eyes.

That said this concludes the update review.

Steam Store Page to Fault milestone two

Official website link

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