Fault Milestone One – Review

2015-10-13_00001Note: This review will be mixed with Fault Milestone two side:above and Fault Milestone one. [Just for the audio elements area]
Fault is a Science Fantasy Kinetic Novel developed by ALICE IN DISSONANCE, and Published by Sekai Project. With the addition of a new 3D camera system, Fault Milestone one aims to introduce a more immersive and “larger than life” reading experience.
Follow them on their journey of a lifetime as they try to make it back home to the Kingdom of Rughzenhaide. This partucular VN in my opinion really stood out among many other VNs that I have played I really enjoyed this the most among all that have been released.

The story 8/10

A princess named Selphine a bubbly, happy-go-lucky Princess and her sharp-witted but slightly misanthropic Royal Guard Ritona. While attempting to make an escape from a brutal assault that’s devastated their homeland of Rughzenahide, the two mysteriously teleport to an unknown forest surrounded by vegetation not native to the surroundings of Rughzenahdie. The atmosphere is thick and heavy and no sign of life can be found, which is particularly unusual for such a lush forest. Sign of life isn’t the only thing missing though. Something is odd about this land – something is amiss – but Selphine and Ritona are too startled to notice the obvious.

Who were the assaulter and what was their goal? Where did Selphine and Ritona end up traversing to? Will the two make it home safely? And more importantly, what will they come home to once they do?

Audio and Visual elements 9.5/10

Visual elements – All top notch, from character sprites to character designs, backgrounds and CGs anyone who have played or do plan to play Fault series the art is very distinctive. It s eye catching very made a huge impact I loved the mix of colors that were use to bring out each character personality like for example, Purple that signifies royalty, etc.

Audio Elements – The OST all of them are top notch, extremely detailed and fitted in perfectly into its environment and cues in at the perfect timing. Its soundtracks is immersive when playing through this VN it felt that you are a part of it it felt good and it has very good abilities of conveying the mood and situation of the VN. I loved all of them, but there were a few that stood out here is the list of them that stood out, “The divide” and “Sol” (Sol Main Theme) and “Ode Piano Version” and “Homeward Bound” and “Death of dignity” and “Lines are drawn”. I wish I could share those soundtracks but I am not sure of its copyright issues on this matter but I here is a video of its trailer, from it you can tell it is good just from its trailer.

To sum up 8.9/10

Will I recommend Fault series? Yes! Absolutely in fact you should not even give this a miss, missing this is like walking past a box filled with gems and then regretting it later. I am honestly glad I picked this game up, usually after I buy a VN or game I will regret later becasue I simply did not enjoy it and they usually does not keep me in intrest to make me wanting it to reread it but as for the Fault series its different. I have reread Fault milestone one and two 3 times each and I am still not bored at all, despite it being a kinetic novel.


When I first start off this Visual Novel I had high hopes for it and my gut feeling did not fail me. I was really shocked, just a single glance, I could easily tell that this Visual Novel will be off a different level compared to many Visual Novel out there in terms of music and story they are very unique, so much different with many other releases of VNs, even the title “Fault Milestone” has a meaning; “Milestone” meaning “episode” the Developers themself did not want to call it “Episode” because everyone calls their things “episodes” so they wanted to do something different. Milestone fit thematically because its about a journey. and the hence the name “Fault Milestone One”. Overall really a VN that you must not miss. As you can see I am quite a huge fan of the Fault series but it has not affect the outcome of this review in any way.

Fault milestone one Steam Store Page

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