Love at First Sight – Review

2016-01-16_00002.jpgLove at First Sight is a kinetic novel, simple and sweet visual novel developed by Ray-K and published by Sekai Project, I am sure it already put of some people but what I can say it is very worth for a read but price wise maybe it’s a little too expensive considering the length of the visual novel.

The story 6.5/10
After falling in love at first sight with the shy Sachi Usui, an injury-ridden, single-eyed high school girl, the protagonist tries to win over her lonely and isolated heart. A pure, heart-warming, sweet and short romance game where the apple of your eye only has one eye! [She is quite cute]

Audio and Visual elements 7/10

Visual Elements – I find it beautiful overall it looks very comforting to the eyes but the main issue I had with the backgrounds in the visual elements is that it is lacking in the quantity department, there were limited backgrounds but considering the Dev team has 2 person only with a time limit of 2 months I could say it is a job well done.
As for the character designs I really loved the characters design it does it job perfectly of portraying the characters personality lets take the heroine for example “Sachi” at first glance you would think she looks weak, timid and shy and yes, what every first impression you had on her is true.

Audio Elements They were alright the themes for specific characters fitted to each of them nicely, it sets the mood for every situation, depicting shyness, happiness, sadness, and many more.

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To sum up 7/10

I would recommend this visual novel to people who want something short and unique at the same time, a heroine with 1 eye as you can obviously tell it appeals to different audience as everyone has different tastes. Or you could just go in blindly as a form of experience because why not? If you do not experience new things you will never know what is outside of your “comfort zone”


When I went into this Love At first Sight I knew what I was stepping into I knew I was going to step into something more unique more special mainly reason being I have seen many of Ray_Kbys work on pixiv and I somewhat liked them. But I personally think it could be better but I lowered my expectations since this visual novel has a time limit of 2 months which is extremely short considering the fact that the art and music were all made by the Dev team which consists 2 people. I do look forward to more visual novels that Ray-K may release because I do like things that are unique despite it not suiting my taste.

Love at first sight steam store page

Ray_Kbys twitter page
Ray_Kbys Pixiv profile

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