BAD END – Review

2016-01-17_00001BAD END is a short visual novel a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) visual novel will die in REAL LIFE if they make the wrong decision in the game itself. Published by YOX-Project [obviously its not real if its real I would have been dead by now]

2016-01-17_00004.jpgThe story 6.5/10
Kyuuhei Inui has never been one to take rumors as anything but that – rumors, until his best friend had died while playing the game….
Kyuuhei is driven to find out the truth behind his friend’s mysterious death by any means possible.
After exhausting all ideas, he decided the only way to find out the truth is to play ‘BAD END’ himself.
Will Kyuuhei risk his life to get to the bottom of the game’s mystery or will he meet his demise?

2016-01-16_00001Audio and Visual elements 7/10
Visual Elements – There was minor inconsistency in some sprites but it not obvious and its not going to be a huge impact. I wished there was more CGs really looking at how talented the artist is I wished there were more but considering the price of them game I cannot expect much, overall good visual elements.

Audio Elements – Music comes in perfectly, nothing to fancy here worth mentioning other than It just fits in perfectly in the situation and the environment.

2016-01-17_00005.jpgTo sum up 6.5/10
I do recommend this Visual Novel and the price is cheap considering the work being put into BAD END it is cheap. Pacing in the story was perfect it was not rushed at all and it is not too slow too I loved the pacing of Bad End.

I liked the Bad ending you get in the visual novel as it is sudden and there is very less details given but after you died a few times that is where things get clearer which is a good move as the story progresses it still keeps that shroud of mystery around them.
BAD END did break the fourth wall but in a “cheeky” way after completing the game they would give you a score and judge you based on how many times you have died, on my case I choose to die many time to see the bad ends and the games knows it so the text I received at the end of the game was. “You are just screwing around aren’t you? You died and even choose the same choice again”

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