Sora – Review

Sora-Cover.jpgFrom Orange Juice comes a shoot’em’up starring the lone enhanced human, Sora. The sequel of the high-speed shoot’em’up “Suguri”, with improved game system and graphics.

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I have never been a fan of bullet hell games reason being is that I always can’t keep up with the action that is going on the screen and I usually give up if it is too hard but as for Sora I liked it in fact I loved it and it is quite addictive, because it is manageable for me and I could say I did have a great time playing Sora. Sora tells the story of its namesake: the lone enhanced human, Sora, and her struggle to protect a fading world. Enjoy breathtakingly fast-paced combat in the Suguri universe, with improved game system and graphics along with original trance music by DEKU.


Gameplay Elements

Onto the gameplay elements, I absolutely adore the “customization” that you can bring in 3 weapons of your choice which could be unlocked by progressing in the game which will be stronger than the stock weapons that is provided when you start out, and you can either use the unlocked weapons or just use the stock weapons to make the game more challenging.

In Sora sometimes you may find yourself using a sword or a melee attack which at first glance seems dangerous but it is a high risk high reward type of attack because when the attack connects, a short term and small barrier is formed that blocks off incoming attacks and that is what made the melee attack useful and usable.


I am playing Sora on PC with a keyboard and the controls are good. The default settings are are well thought out and it can be fully customize allowing you to bind any buttons you want on the keyboard. [no cramping of 2 hands onto 1 side of the keyboard] I think having a good controls are very important because who wants to play a game with 2 hands overlapping each other? That would be pure discomfort and a hassle to play.

2016-01-01_00002Next there is a dashing ability [provably the most important ability] where you can dash to avoid attacks and go through laser type of attacks ONLY but, not through missile type of attacks which will build up your ultimate move gauge bar. Sounds too good to be true for an ability? But here is the catch by dashing you build up heat and the more heat you gain the damage you received will be higher by many times than what you normally will receive on 0%heat, as you can see from the image above a red bar I got hit by a missile which took a huge chunk of HP away because my heat percentage was high.

A element you will take notice off is the soundtracks, the soundtracks are really great they fit into the battle that is happening in your screen it just makes the whole game feel more immersive and “cool” like you are really part of the fight, I absolutely love the soundtracks.

Here is a game play video which you can see the dashing and game mechanics, at first I was having a easy time and as you can see but when the boss appears I started to panic and barely made it through in fact I think that was my 10 time retrying that stage. P.S I was playing on easy mode. Sorry for the bad FPS for some reason I could not get my video recorder to record properly.

Key Features:

    • Fast-paced, tactical bullet hell action


    • Three game modes: Story, Arcade and Match Mode


    • Over 20 different weapons to unlock


    • Bring three weapons to your missions


  • English localization features new high resolution graphics

Do I recommend this game?

Do i recommend Sora? Definitely a BIG, Yes I definitely recommend you to pick it up if you are a fan off bullet hell and great soundtracks.


Like I said above I have never been a fan of bullet hell games but for Sora, I honestly got hooked onto it, the mechanics are being explained fully in the tutorial and the game is manageable, even if you are new to bullet hell games Sora is the game for you. But there is something i have to mention is that for stage 3 the difficulty gap is very huge compared to stage 1 and stage 2 but do not let that stop you because like  I said it is manageable. And lastly I would like to thank “FruitBat Factory” for providing me a review copy of Sora.

Sora steam store page click here.

Sora will come priced at $8.99. The game will include Steam Trading Cards, Achievements and other Steam features. Two soundtracks are released alongside the game: Sora no Kakera – Sora Original Soundtrack (priced at $7.99) and Celeste – Sora Extra Soundtrack (priced at $5.99). In addition, Sora – Blue Sky Edition will include the game and both soundtracks for a total price of $16.99. In addition, everyone who owns Sora will receive a free bonus character in 100% Orange Juice on Steam.

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