Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- Review

2015-11-11_00001Ame no Marginal from the author of Narcissu 1st & 2nd.

Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal. It is a short, serious tale which only includes one ending but does still showcase some branching pathways along the way. The story line includes many questions to be pondered during a play through.

2015-11-11_00002The story 7/10
We are introduced to a man who hates his job and in fact seems to detest living itself. So much so, he thinks of suicide on a regular basis but has thus far avoided any actual attempts on his own life.
While this is happening, we also see the world from the perspective of a young, white-haired girl who lives in an alternate reality where rain always falls from the sky and she is entirely alone in this world.
How do these two completely different people relate? Find out as you read through this visual novel from 2 different people perspective.

2015-11-11_00009Visual and Audio elements 7/10
The art is fantastic, very beautifully drawn and detailed characters and backgrounds making use of both vivid and gloomy colors to portray the mood and ambiance in the game perfectly, backgrounds are beautiful and detailed.

The music goes well with the visuals in the game, It always sets the mood and feel like it belongs in the situation, honestly it made me felt “gloomy” for a brief moment because of the music which I find I liked.
There is also voice acting for the characters except for the main character himself.

2015-11-11_00004To sum up 7/10
I would recommend reading it all in 1 go, If you liked Katoka’s previous work Narcissu. Not to mention Ame includes Narcissu too but with an exclusive scene that will be unlocked through the very first full playthrough.

後書き(afterword) taken from in-game.
– Ame no marginal actually this story has the same setting as the light novel “Mizu no Marginal” In fact this one is actually the root of the setting.

– Narcissu is included in the game as bonus material, but the prequel Narcissu Side 2nd is on steam and is 100% free. You can find it under “Narcissu 1st &2nd.” It is very similar in style to AME, so you won’t be disappointed.

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