Without Within 2 – Review

6Without Within 2 is a Visual Kinetic Novel by InvertMouse which is a continuation of Without Within it’s around five times the length of the original Without Within, which was very short and now it has trading cards and achievements for Without Within 2 which is a really nice addition and have around 20,000 words.

2015-11-09_00005The Story 5.5/10
Vinty is back as she travels to Melbourne in hopes of meeting her calligraphy idol, Excelia. Determined to study and mimic the star’s every move, will Vinty end up losing her own identity in the process? See Vinty world through her eyes as she travels to Melbourne as she bring along all her “bad luck” along with her.

2015-11-09_00007Humor value
Without Within 2 has good humor going on in the story using references of websites as a joke for this regard I loved the theme of the humor in the Visual Novel. Really made me laughed a little.

2015-11-09_00011Audio and Visual elements 5.5/10
Visual Elements – The chibi art style used is really cute and the background art are generally nice except for the background featuring the plans, they did not really fit into the overall art style in fact they stand out more than the others but in a different direction.

Audio elements – The music is alright very lighthearted and cute, and can become serious if needed to, overall it goes well with the lighthearted theme of the Visual Novel.

If you are unsure if you want to get without within 2 you can always get the first title that is totally free on the steam store.

To sum up 5.5/10
I would recommend this visual novel to people who want something sweet, short and lighthearted or just something fun to read. Because when reading through this Visual Novel it made me smile a little. 🙂

A huge thing I personally loved for a very long time is that I loved games that breaks the fourth wall which this Visual Novel managed to accomplished by breaking the “fourth wall” which is a really good move by the developer.

Without Within 1 steam store page
Without Within 2 steam store page

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