Cursed Sight – Review

6Cursed Sight a visual novel by “InvertMouse” a developer team that is really small it consists around 4 – 5 people, from the creator of Unhack and Without Within, Cursed Sight features 4 endings that are unlocked based on the player’s choices.

7The Story 6.5/10
The visual novel starts off with the protagonist, Gai explaining his predicament caused by his family, that sold him off to slavery to a temple, and as a slave he is assigned to a girl named Miyon that is treated as the “Treasure of the Nation” who have lost her sight but has the ability to control fate is housed in the temple of East Taria. Playing through this Visual Novel you will be met with unexpected plot twist which I personally loved and I loved how realistic the story is because this Visual Novel does not go for the “Fairy tail” ending or “sugarcoat” events, take for example eg. After someone died they would miraculously come back to life at the end of the story like what most “Fairy Tail” ending would do instead what this Visual Novel does is that whatever is presented to you in the story it is all taken at face value there will be no sugar coating of anything this to me is a huge “Positive” for me thus I gave it a 6.5/10 for its score for story even when it is short.

9 2015-11-07_00008 Audio and Visual elements 6.5/10
The Audio and Visual elements are great, characters are beautifully drawn, and the music sets the mood perfectly and it feels like it belongs in the situation and the environment. The backgrounds are gorgeous and are detailed using a mix of color tones and “lighting” to depict the environment take for example in the above screenshot that I have taken from in-game.

1To sum up 6.5/10
I would definitely recommend it to people who are into visual novels and for those who want to try something new that is realistic or have a change in pace of visual novel.

Cursed Sight Steam store page

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