Sound of drop – fall into poison – Review

sound of drop wallpaperSound of drop – fall into poison –
It is a remake of “Sound of Drop,” originally released on May 2014. Most of the graphics have been updated, and new scenarios have been added.
It is not your typical romantic comedy high school romance visual novel. It is a gripping, disturbing tale of horror which takes place within an aquarium for those who love the horror genre this will suit your taste perfectly. New to the Steam release of Sound of Drop – fall into poison –, AiueoKompany have added 2 new “True End” scenarios, for a total of 4, and new “Bad End” scenarios, for a total of 27! They have also added a high level of polish to the artwork and scenarios, added new event CGs, new scenes, new BGM, an OP movie, Steam Trading Cards, and have also added a new character, Miku Minato, to the story. It is the definitive remastered edition of the game that fans won’t want to miss.
The secrets of the Manten Aquarium will be revealed!

2015-11-01_00024The story 8.5/10

The visual novel starts off with Himeno sharing an urban legend off Manten Aquriam with Mayumi as we are introduced to two best friends Mayu and Himeno. Himeno likes paranormal related things and suggests they head to the Manten Aquarium even though Mayu wants nothing to do with the Manten Aquarium but they decided to visit Manten Aquarium to investigate these urban legends. But then…
They caught a glimpse of Mayu’s missing little sister, Mari that disappeared at Manten Aquarium 5 years ago.

Taking place at the heart of Tokyo, the quaint little aquarium, Manten Aquarium. Numerous urban legends have arisen from here. According to rumors passed throughout the student body, this location is filled with all sorts of paranormal activity alongside with more serious things like unexplained disappearances and deaths AND supposedly, there are things like a fish with a human face and that the aquarium water turns to blood on full moons.

2015-11-01_00026Manten Aquarium
An urban aquarium inconspicuously settled inside Manten East Building. It is situated on the top floor of the section protruding outward, utilizing a sturdy steel frame. There was once an esteemed Deep-sea Fish booth, but it was closed down approximately five years ago.

2015-10-31_00003Audio and Visual elements 9.5/10

Visual elements – are absolutely stunning the background are smooth, while gloomy colors are being put to use to set up the overall creepy atmosphere.
Event CG are extremely detailed, the CG alone have the ability to depict the overall environment.
SD art of the characters are cute and sprites are detailed.

Audio elements – are PERFECT soundtracks used, fits in perfectly into the creepy atmosphere, and honestly it made me felt a chill down my spine, yes I honestly felt scared when playing this because of the creepy music. I loved the part where you start up the game and you are immediately greeted with an atmospheric and soothing music with a girl seemed that seems to be Mayumi somewhat drowning these 2 things the menu music and Mayumi drowning compliments with each other so well together.
There is no voice acting in this visual novel regardless despite not having any voice actors it still manages to strike fear into the reader hearts with just soundtracks and backgrounds that goes hand in hand together.


To sum up 9/10

Sound of Drop – fall into poison – is an impressive visual novel for how it manages to utterly disturb players with simple text and artwork with creepy music. People who loves the horror genre even if they’ve never played a visual novel before I am very sure you will enjoy this visual novel.


Personally I write reviews for a hobby but when I was writing a this visual novel a review i find very enjoying, reason it is because I absolutely love this visual novel the music, art style, characters.
In my opinion this is ONE of the top/best visual novel that is releasing on Steam this year other than clannad etc.
Here is a link to their opening movie i really suggest you to watch and listen to it, it is really good. I personally loved it and here’s the truth i have listened to it 187 times (yes i recorded it down) and more to come. In short I loved it.

Sound of drop steam store page –

Click here to be linked to Kagame Shizuku no Oto しずくのおと – fall into poison – OP

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